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Open Field

#1 Posted: 2015.10.02 18:56
I have heard and experienced quite alot of rooftop camping lately so i propose this:


Open Field/Desert (3 point objective)

Lots of cover scattered:

- Trucks
- Containers
- Boxes
- Rocks
- Craters

All this good stuff.

Make it a hilly terrain but dont hold back on the cover.

Put the objectives In:

- A place surrounded with containers with entrances in every direction (Easily ambush-able)
- In a Crater
- On a hill

This will ensure:

- No rooftop camping
- No objective camping
- An awesome map for ambush
- Having to be more aware
- Still being a dynamic map with different levels
- A chaotic battle

I went to play paintball the other day and there was a map sort of similar but there was mostly trees as cover.

Please consider this it would be awesome :D

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