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Trees and Life

#1 Posted: 2015.09.15 02:27
I get it's Dust 514 and we are in the future with death, clones, and new planets. But Earth is not the only planet in the Universe with trees. A map, not full of them, but littered with them enough to where close-quarters combat is energetic. People want excitement and new things in the game. Map creation is more essential than just events and lore. This is not EVE or a pc MMO. It's Dust 514, one should realize sooner or later that life is everywhere in the Universe.

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We should explore that step in this game here. I'm not saying plant trees everywhere and just throw water on every map, but we need to be creative. Heck, people on this Forums would kill to have the opportunity to make a map that would be featured in a Dom for CCP.

I'm just saying that there are alot more things we can do than just place structures and 2 buildings max for a battle, then somewhere past our redlines there is an outpost we can see but never go to. I don't like that at all. EVE has that strictness but freedom, at least give us Dusf fanatics some consolation through the map making. You'll be surprised at the reviews you'll get when you add life as an accessory to death on a battlefield. The beauty is terrifying lol.

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