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procedural terrain generation

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#1 Posted: 2015.09.13 08:15  |  Edited by: Dewie Cheecham
I know CCP have said it's too hard. but really? IIRC CCP have used it already. They used it for their initial generation of New Eden's star maps. And later they used it for their planets.

The last part is crucial, as if they did, they already have the terrains.

The problem is that other games reportedly are starting to use procedural terrain generation for dynamic and varied map generation, the trick for CCP is that the map for any given district must always render the same. And given the same input, the procedural generator should return the same topography anyway.

For the most part, placing structures on a procedurally generated terrain shouldn't be too hard, as the topography underneath should be evened out. Construction have always employed landscaping, I don't see why New Eden aren't allowed. If a cliff is in the way of a structure, shear it off to a vertical cliff face.

I'm not saying it'll be easy, but really? If it was easy everybody would do it. However it's a necessity. We have 5 maps. They are getting boring

I'm not even concerned by the potential launch delay, the CPU in the PS3 should have the horse power to do it fast. A few seconds at most.
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