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Water platform

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#1 Posted: 2015.09.12 13:41
As the name suggests , the entire map is just flat large floating platform where it is possible to crash/drive/fall into the water and die. Maybe a few "holes" in the platform where it's still being constructed, just for some water hazards :P

A hybrid is a map where part in on land, and the other part is reaching into the water. It could have some structure(s) looking a bit like "breaching vehicles" moored as the spawn point for the attacking team.
#2 Posted: 2015.09.15 02:16
I do like this idea, from the way u explain it I get this sort of Star Wars map back from the old Battlefront game. I think water and trees are essential to any game. I get the idea of making just a water map, but platforms of certain hills with distance and height included would be more interesting. Great to look at and very popular for a true terrain warfare.

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