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Hya'salia's Diaries pt.3

Sebiestor Field Sappers
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2015.09.10 04:32
*whew*.... seriously i have got to find a way to keep these from being locked out.. back, after a long series of Planetary contracts, in one of the earlier entries i promised to give some tidbits of knowledge on piloting, especially in the various types of planets that we have, i covered plasma, so now it should be Lava planets.
for those who are interested in that entry, here you go

ok, here we go.

Lava planets are an intricate sort, as they have three types of said Lava planets; Solar magmatics, gravitational magmatics and magmatoids. solar magmatics are easily impossible to land a dropship, as the extreme heat given off by any celestial object will keep the planet molten and will easily force the dropships engines to literally melt, no matter how advanced our filters can be. there are exceptions to these planets, so long as any takeoff or landing times are from the dark side of the surface. as i myself have not tried to land one of my big beautiful babies onto those planets, there is not much to be said about solar magmatics

Gravitational Magmatics are another thing.
they are planets that experience gravitational shifts frequently. so frequently that the crust of the planet cannot sustain that amount of punishment and simply breaks apart. one theory to this is that the planet's core is either a mish-mash of materials of differing mass, which can explain the sudden cracking of the planet's crust; another theory is that the core of the planet is not properly aligned as the "Center", causing the sudden shifts. this theory holds more weight as various atmos-scans over a period of a decade showed some planets experiencing cracks in the crust in roughly the same areas as it did before. other, more closer and detailed studies have also shown that the places where it's sustained its crust, ther are "Layers" of solidified lava, like freezing a small puddle of water, and then pouring some more water and refreezing over a lengthly period of time.

landing them is a big challenge.
for incursions into a gravitational magmatic requires a special shell to be deployed around the dropship, to act as a heat shield for entry or re-entry to the planet. its often best to fly it as close to your intended destination as possible, since we are dealing with a hot piece of as-Planet. Once we are at an altitude is high enough, we'll detach the shell and activate the engines, from there its pretty smooth sailing.

Magmatoids..... well...

they are just interesting, as they simply give off endless amounts of heat, sortof like a pseudo-star. and according to some, that definitely is the case. but its just nothing but large fields of lava, similar to Oceans, of course. however its slightly more dangerous to attempt an entry, however the procedures are the same as a Gravitational magamatoid.
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