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a different type of map... ship map

#1 Posted: 2015.08.25 17:53
I don't know if this is possible, but all of the maps I have played are on the ground. So imagine, your in a huge! room, a few storys high...

(MAP) the ship is in space, so you are able to jump super high, onto many different levels of the ship that's available. The ship's room looks like a MCC room but enlarged. Cargo is everywhere for lots of cover. This wouldn't be a big map, encouraging large group fighting, shotguns, and stealth. Another great idea would to be putting a few tanks randomly spawning at the beginning of the match that people could hack into and ride around the map with, because its a cargo ship? instillation like supply depots and cloning machines(forgot what they are called) would be more abundant but turret instillation would be less.

Now, of course i'm probably missing something, but this would be a really cool concept for a map so give this a lot of likes so that CCP will give this map a thought! (because I think that is how it works, right?Lol)

I would love it also, if you guys would give me POSITIVE criticism because I would really love it if this map was put into EVE Dust 514!

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