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Best of Congratulations!

Gold Horde Templars
Sixth Empire
#1 Posted: 2015.08.17 14:55
The Gold Horde Templars, and His Holiness Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name, Harbringer of Faith, Pope of New Eden, etc., etc., would like to offer our best congratulations to the newly elected Council of Planetary Management 2! Moreover, we would also like to congratulate everyone who took part in the process, winning or not. Your efforts for the Templar community are not unrecognized!

We look forward to working with the new Council on the pressing matters at hand in this most critical junction in our community and profession. Move forward in confidence knowing you have the blessings of the Lord and His Holiness in your efforts!

Monsignor-Sergeant Alexander Mezitano

Master General and Nuncio

Gold Horde Templars

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