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The birth of Nyghthawke Industries

Nyghthawke Industries
#1 Posted: 2015.08.17 01:43
This story is the reason I created Nyghthawke Industries.

When I was younger I lived on an asteroid with my father. My mother had passed away during a breach of the outer skin of the asteroid. They say that the mining crew involved had gotten their position wrong on the map they were using. I was in the care and learning facilities and she was coming to get me. They had breached the wall just as she walked by an she was sucked through the hole before they could close off the corridor section. My father, a miner on the third shift, told me that the whole asteroid belonged to us. It was granted to us to mine so that we could benefit our clan. We gave everything to our clan so that we could be free. My father's pride and joy was his mining suit and boring laser. The suit looked like a heavy suit and contained air tanks that allowed him to work for thirty hours if he needed to. There were times the miners were trapped and adrift around the asteroid. We cleaned and repaired the suit and laser every night after his shift. The laser only had a meter of distance, but its five lasers could burn through anything. One night, just as we finished going over the suit, we heard a loud crunching sound. My father threw me into the suit and commanded me to get to the escape pods that were in the main tunnel. As I ran through the tunnels, screams filled my ears. A quick look back showed me the horror as a beam of energy ripped the tunnel open. I ran straight to the pods. Before I got into one of the pods a mother forced her child on me and i jumped into a pod with many children. I placed myself in front of the window as I hit the eject switch. Once clear of the asteroid, I saw that a great ship was using its mining laser to gobble up what used to be our home. I quickly calmed the children to save their air and used my air so that I would not take from them. Our pod was one of the few where all of the occupants survived. I kept our group together at the station as we waited for family to come and get us. I was left alone as I had no more family. Without a family member to sponsor me I could not be a capsuleer, or star pilot. My scores were thankfully high enough to allow me to be a Dust soldier. So now I am setting my sights on taking a planet so that those who are in support of my corporation, those no one sees, are protected and able to live in peace. I do this because the last face I see at night before I sleep and the first face I see when I wake, is the frozen teared face of a mother, glad her child may have a future, just before the pod escape blast shattered her to a million pieces.

If you want it, I can build it. Nyghthawke Industries birth

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