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warning! ! SY MEE is a scammer . took 90m from me

#1 Posted: 2015.08.15 06:30
Okae so he sold me Templars code set with all the Templar suits and guns no uplink.! And well he brought me to a chat wer the chat was named after himself and well no vc told me to send isk i did and well he gave me a false code, a code thatdoesn't work.
He left right after i send him the isk .i though that he was legit because he was from MOLON LABE.
And this was like more then a year ago. So be careful outther.he is roming between us all , and we just dont know it.

Dont Buy Codes Guys #!!
#2 Posted: 2015.08.18 14:10
You should've known it was too good to be true.. 90mil just sounds waaaaaaay too sweet of a deal.
GentleMen's C.L.U.B
#3 Posted: 2015.11.05 11:08
If you won't to buy officer gear or blueprints get in contact with fury of justice he is legit for more info look up poop it's a chat

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Abyss of Universe
Imperium Eden
#4 Posted: 2015.11.05 13:00
i'll never spend 100 mil on whole set of amarr garbage....

just found cal assault op^^ welcome to Taiwan ^^

ScReWeD uP InC
#5 Posted: 2015.11.06 15:22  |  Edited by: 1913 DfLo
You should have sent me an offer

I have one, I'm LeGiT and you know where to find me. 514 Surplus.

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#6 Posted: 2015.12.19 08:56  |  Edited by: No-one-ganks like-Gaston
Isn't code scamming one of the only punishable offenses CCP has for scamming? If you still have the in-game mail or a forum post to reference, report them, get them banned, and get your **** back.

[Edit] Whoops, I misread the date. Didn't mean to bump a dead thread.

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