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A "T" shaped canyon

Krusual Covert Operators
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2015.08.07 21:33
Good day,

I like the idea of a "T" shaped canyon.

This way you can have
- three different bridges - maybe some of the bridges are under construction and vehicles can't cross them and this changes on different iterations of the map
- three different buildings
- different stairs from the bottom to the top of the canyon - ladders or stairs / platforms or ramps

Maybe have differnt levels of construction on the bridges. Some people can cross but vehicles can't. Some where only jumpers can cross, but most people and vehicles can't cross.

Same for the ways up the canyon, maybe the ramps aren't complete or wide enough for HAV's to go up, but maybe LAV's can.

Maybe submerge the Pyramid, so the base of the Pyramid is on the same level as the bottom of the canyon and the top of the Pyramid is level with the top of the Canyon.

Anyhow, think about it.

Thanks for reading this.
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