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Boulder RIM Redline

Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2015.08.03 23:09

I apologize, I posted this in 'map ideas' because my dumb brain did not see the clearly marked "Domination Gamemode"

This is mostly a constructive complaint towards the increased redline area of this map

After playing this map quite a few times since this change I feel that this increased redline has hindered and limited this map in a lot of ways.

This change has reduced versatility, tactics, and tension

For example, the redline increases and encourages camping of long range weaponry/ tactics that can only be countered with your own long range weapons.

Currently the effective areas where you could engage an enemy up close seems to roughly be less than 10% of the map.

Before this change, you would see tank battles, more varied troop movements and snipers would have to be more careful of their positions or risk being the target of a scout.

Some known problems were that you could effectively camp the enemy's closest spawn point - but there was always multiple spawn in areas on this map.

In general I felt it was a much more exciting Domination match before this redline change and I want to please ask to review this map and ultimately change the redline back to what it was with some additions that may help against spawn camping ( ie using the experimental warp?)

The last thing the players or this game needs is less exciting matches
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