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Question on Voting Prereqs...

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#1 Posted: 2015.08.03 00:14

For voting in the CPM election you have to have a character that is at least X days old and has Y hours of play under his belt.

Is is possible to gain the Y hours of play needed while the voting window is open, or must you have the Y hours of play before voting opens.

Example. Let's say Y=40 hours (I don't know what Y equals right now as I right this, so let's go with that value for this argument). My character, when voting opened three days ago had Y=35. Can he get his hours up to 40 and then vote, say, next week, or did he have to have his hours up to at least 40 before voting started three days ago?


Monsignor-Sergeant Alexander Mezitano

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#2 Posted: 2015.08.03 01:38
CCP Dev Blog wrote:
In order to be eligible to vote, an active DUST 514 account must be at least sixty (60) days in age, and must have had at least sixty (60) hours of playtime in the twelve (12) months before voting begins (to the calendar day of the preceding year).

Hope that helps Bear

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