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Breakin Stuff: CPM2

Special Planetary Emergency Response Group
#1 Posted: 2015.07.30 16:19
If you're posting here on the forums, odds are you know me, or are familiar with my posts. Some people like me, some hate me, some wish i would just shut up on occasion. Unfortunately I am not here to grant that wish.

As many of you know, I am running for CPM 2. What most will assume is that my primary focus will be on vehicle/AV balance. This is neither my intent, nor do I feel it would be a particularly useful platform to run on. Everyone who participates in vehicle discussions knows my views, and rehashing them is, in my opinion, pointless.

What I DO wish to focus on if I am elected to CPM2:

First and foremost: Whatever is necessary to assist and expedite the process of a port from the PS3 to a next-gen platform.

Better and more timely communication between CCP and the playerbase.

Generating timely input that CCP can use to introduce/rebalance new/old things in the game.

Assisting wherever possible with feedback and math done to help smooth hotfix/patch decisions.

Attempt to generate player feedback on various topics to keep the creative juices flowing.

More carefully comb player ideas for useful things that may actually be salvaged into something that can be coded into DUST. Even a badpost can have the germ of a concept that might prove useful for future ideas.

Provide more coherent feedback on various player ideas. I know I tend to be acerbic, but I do read the proposals, and what I have never said is I view my critiques as pointing out obstacles and issues that must be addressed or overcome for an idea to succeed. I actually WANT more player ideas in play, not just mine. This is OUR sandbox. Not MY sandbox.

I will not promise to be nicer. Almost everyone here would recognize a bald-faced lie when they see it.

Ladies and gentlemen I am here not to push my agendas but to help create/debug/provide feedback on processes. I feel what was direly missed in early iterations of DUST 514 was a complete lack of coherent and trackable balance curves. With most of weapon/module/armor balance seeming to be chosen with a D100 and a table, I am relieved to see Rattati trying to impose order upon the frenetic chaos.

If we help him establish baselines, guidelines and benchmarks and hep him figure out how to streamline decisions pertaining to balance, perhaps we can see more effort placed into new features, and better core function.

I can't promise it but it is what I wish to shoot for. I would like to see DUST 514 able to be tweaked and adjusted as needed with minimal fuss and effort. If I can help in this goal, I would like to.

Even if you don't elect me, I will continue contributing from the bench with the rest of you, yelling at Cross Atu to push my agendas. If I am elected, I want to figure out what exactly I can do to assist the future of the game and get to it.

Good luck and good hunting.

Yes, I am a Goon. No, I don't care about your spacepolitik.

Random Gunz
#2 Posted: 2015.07.30 22:39
I endorse this candidate. I also endorse Cross pushing this candidate's agendas.

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

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