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M621 ZMA for CPM2

#1 Posted: 2015.07.29 23:03
M6 would love to post here, but he's currently banned Big smile

If he could post here he'd probably say stuff about transitioning to a new platform, new/improved content for player retention and then he'd probably start crying because he loves the game so much Cry

Hopefully he'll get his ban lifted and he can come and gush over all of you himself.

So go vote for M6.

Other top choices would be Zaria, Kero and Lhughes..


#2 Posted: 2015.07.30 00:40
Why was he banned ?


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#3 Posted: 2015.07.30 08:40
BEAST ESD1 wrote:
Why was he banned ?

For being passionate about the game? Either that or for making some 'd1ck' comment that somebody else objected to.
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#4 Posted: 2015.08.08 11:13
It never occurred to me that you were a Brit. Recently discovered that while looking through the candidate list.

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