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New ground

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#1 Posted: 2015.07.29 01:46
Good day,

Right now, there are about 8 maps and they have been carved up into smaller sections to make more maps for different game modes.

There are differnt buildings and "cities" that get plunked down into various spots to make more variety.

What Dust needs is some new landscapes.


Make a random ground generator. Have a plain - raise some ground here, lower some ground there, make rolling hills here, a plateau there. Maybe a building or "city" there. Start this in Ambushes, if it's possible to create a random map generator.

A random ground generator algorithm will work in virtually any game that CCP comes up with.


Maybe a valley. But have a random area of ground around it.
Maybe a mountain. Same, have a random area of ground around it.
Maybe a Grand Canyon with a former river bed at the bottom. Bridges going over it

Maybe a T shaped river bed with outposts on each of the three sides of a T. And maybe bridges over it.

Anyhow, These ideas would work even if you don't have random ground around it.

Thanks for reading this.

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