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Arkena Wyrnspire for CPM2

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#1 Posted: 2015.07.28 10:51  |  Edited by: Arkena Wyrnspire

I’ve been here 3 years and I’ve spent much of that time contributing to and trying to improve this game that we all spend so much of our time on. As a result of having spent so much time on DUST, I believe I have the strong base of understanding necessary to effectively discuss game mechanics.
I have spent a great deal of time with the DUST community. In addition to many thousands of hours spent in the game itself, I have also spent thousands of hours on the forums and other social media talking to fellow players. As you’re reading this on the forums, you can see a testament to how ridiculous the amount of time I’ve spent on here is under my character picture. P
I am a co-founder and administrator of the Lucent Echelon channel as well as an admin on some Minmatar FW channels.

To me, there are a few important questions that a candidate ought to answer when running for CPM. The first is ‘Why do you want to be a CPM member?’

I personally want to become a CPM member because in my time spent dealing with the community I have always found there to be a great deal of frustration about the many problems that this game experiences. This frustration is rarely helped by a lack of communication. Some veterans have lately asked me ‘What does the CPM even do?’ Having a player elected council of representatives lacking visibility and explanation to the point where otherwise well-informed people have no idea what’s going on with them is madness. I want to genuinely act as a community representative and actually talk to the community once elected, and bring their problems to CCP to talk about and hopefully deal with.

To me, communication is incredibly important for a player representative group. Early on in past terms there were updates released weekly. Unfortunately, these rapidly fell by the wayside and were never very visible. I’d like to see these return as a bare minimum so that people know what’s going on with their representative group.

As a natural extension of this question, you may want to ask, ‘Why should I vote for you?’

Here’s what I believe I offer.

+ An immensely experienced player with 3 years and thousands of hours of experience with the game.

+ A logical mind. I am a numbers man – as a computer science student, I’d have to be – and I believe I have consistently demonstrated this throughout my many feedback contributions and new player guides over the years. You may notice some of these threads are from 2013 - I didn't post these threads to boost my CPM2 political agenda, but instead to demonstrate that I'm not one of those candidates who just turns up for the yearly election cycle but actually contributes throughout the year.

+ Community interaction. I think it unquestionable by this point (A forum wordcount of millions and a skype wordcount of hundreds of thousands in DUST channels) that I do engage with the community. If you are reading this on the forums, you have almost certainly encountered me before given the obscene amounts of time I spend on the forums.

I read almost every thread posted in GD/F&I daily, and I frequently read every forum. It’s really part of my daily routine by this point.

I promise to continue this constant interaction and to bring as much news as I possibly can.

If I were to become a CPM member, if you want to bring something to my attention so I can, by extension, bring it to CCP’s attention, I am easy to reach:

Posting in the forums, of course, will get my attention. I have a program to check for my name should you want me specifically – anything posted on the forums for me will come to my attention.

Simple in game mail is guaranteed to get my attention.

I can also be found on Skype. My name on Skype is just ‘Arkena Wyrnspire’ (login name ‘arkenai’). Feel free to send me a contact request – just specify that it’s about DUST and I’ll have you added within a day. My response time on Skype is usually quite rapid and one on one.

I have Twitter as well, @ArkenaWyrnspire. It’s not my most frequent medium, but I do check it.
Finally, I have a dedicated DUST Facebook account under ‘Arkena Wyrnspire’.

Gentlemen. It has been a pleasure. o7

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#2 Posted: 2015.07.28 10:52  |  Edited by: Arkena Wyrnspire
The next question is ‘What do you think the priorities for DUST are?’

The first and most obvious one is a port to modern hardware. While unfortunately I do not believe the CPM can actually do much to ensure this, I can assure you that everything that can be done will be done. This is absolutely the #1 priority for DUST as a whole not just to make it a good game, but actually to ensure its survival. There is no future on the PS3.

As for the rest, here’s a list:

+ To target lag as much as is humanly possible, f.ex through encouraging the implementation of powercores ASAP. Lag is often crippling in DUST and I see it as extremely important to do what can be done to help make the game run more smoothly.
The powercore proposal is apparently potentially a game-changer in terms of lag and I’d like to see it happen and perhaps even go further.

+ Encouraging a look at shields. At the moment, shields aren’t in a very healthy place. The recently introduced shield threshold mechanic is not sufficient to help shields become more viable in today’s meta – the number of scenarios in which a single shot does less than 6 damage is far too limited.

In the far-flung past of DUST, shields were dominant, but after multiple armour buffs and no significant changes to shields, the pendulum has swung the other way. I would particularly like to see a time support aspect for shield users such as a jump-start tool to kickstart shield regen.

+ Match rewards and incentives to actually play and attempt to take objectives. I feel that people would try to take objectives even in matches that they’re losing badly if they had the incentive to do so. Increasing the ISK reward for earning WP in matches would be a good start. A personal wish of mine is to see an objective offence bonus as well as a defence bonus, and perhaps to increase them to really incentivise fighting over an objective.

Here’s a thread that’s part of a personal crusade of mine: [Request] ISK Payout changes - Current payouts cause risk aversion
Dull matches due to risk aversion/low rewards are absolutely something to be avoided. The number of matches that quickly deteriorate into instant redlines is far too high. Even should players be consistently unable to turn the tide of the match, they should at least be incentivised to and rewarded for trying.

+ Matchmaking stands to be improved further from community feedback. There are simple solutions that members of the community have suggested for addressing things such as an over-saturation of Domination matches and redline matches, such as multi-queue bonuses incentivising queueing more than one gamemode and bonuses for actively fighting against stronger teams.

Gentlemen. It has been a pleasure. o7

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#3 Posted: 2015.07.28 10:54  |  Edited by: Arkena Wyrnspire
A very short summary of my top 5 beliefs:

  • A port is essential
  • Lag must be a priority. It's crippling the game.
  • Shields need some love.
  • ISK payouts should be increased for increased match participation
  • Matchmaking stands to be improved

Please do ask questions. I’ll be here to answer them. I know I've only touched on a few of the many, many pressing topics in DUST at the moment and if you want to hear my views on anything I'm happy to explain them.

A reminder, also, that I am very easily reachable via Skype – send a contact request to “arkenai”, tell me it’s about DUST, and I’ll add you.

Gentlemen. It has been a pleasure. o7

#4 Posted: 2015.07.28 11:09  |  Edited by: Cat Merc
Plus you make me more powerful by voting for my alt, which means you'll be among the last die in the cat reckoning.

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#5 Posted: 2015.07.28 19:16
Vote for ark ^^^^^
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#6 Posted: 2015.07.28 22:56
He's a snobbish southern brummie.
But he actually knows what he's talking about.
Baring the port as thats outside the game and more of a business decision, could you give some more details as to what you would advised to ccp about framerate issues that have dampened my enthusiasm for this game. One's you see as being more achievable.

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#7 Posted: 2015.07.30 12:51
noob cavman wrote:
southern brummie.


But he actually knows what he's talking about.
Baring the port as thats outside the game and more of a business decision, could you give some more details as to what you would advised to ccp about framerate issues that have dampened my enthusiasm for this game. One's you see as being more achievable.

CCP appears to be somewhat conducive to going after lag issues now.

Specifically, I want to encourage pursuit (and possible expansion) of the power core proposal.. In the past, Rattati made an offhand comment that it wasn't going to make an appearance soon/it wasn't a priority. I don't have a link to the post right now, but I would encourage moving it closer in the schedule as I see it as an important priority.

In terms of expanding the idea, look at how many weapons we have. I'd like to have CCP check if it's viable to do this for weapons as well.

I would continue spearheading attempts on investigating the causes of lag as well.

Gentlemen. It has been a pleasure. o7

#8 Posted: 2015.07.31 10:44
Arkena is definitely on my list :)

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#9 Posted: 2015.09.09 17:52
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