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Zaria Min Deir for CPM2

#1 Posted: 2015.07.28 05:22  |  Edited by: Zaria Min Deir
I am Zaria Min Deir, a closed Beta veteran, a hopeless DUST addict and the newest CEO of 0uter.Heaven.

I have played DUST for roughly 3 years now, and I hope to keep playing it for several more. That is one of my driving reasons for running for CPM, I hope as a CPM member I can help DUST and the community to keep evolving and growing in a way that ensures we'll be part of New Eden for a long time.

While I have always been a more support oriented player, and am probably known for being a logi if anything, I have thousands of hours of playtime and over 90M SP on this character, and thus there are very few roles in DUST I don't have some experience with. I have access to all infantry roles and have dabbled enough into vehicles to have a sizable chunk of SP invested. While I have primarily skilled into dropships, I am still far from a passable pilot. I believe this gives me enough familiarity with practically all aspects of the game to be able to be able to understand different perspectives on various issues and follow discussions on the many topics I am absolutely not an expert on.

You can read more on the Biomassed blog here, and if you so desire, listen to my CPM2 candidate interview on the Biomassed podcast here. I have also participated in discussions over various topics on the podcast: Episode 56, Episode 60 and Episode 64.

I have previously touched on my opinions on the state of DUST and the role of the CPM here. In short, I believe that game balance and performance improvements are both important, but need to be realised in the context of the limitations of the current platform and the pending announcement of the DUST port to a new one.

I invite anyone interested in doing so to ask me questions or raise any concerns they may have.

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#2 Posted: 2015.07.28 05:28
Zaria is a fantastic choice for anyone's ballot. I met her personally only a few months ago but was was very surprised by how insightful and aware she was of the 'big-picture' of where the game is and where it needs to go. Anyone who has played with Zaria knows she is a extremely skilled player as well as a personable and approachable member of the community. While I will likely post my final list of who I am voting for and endorsing tomorrow, you can be sure that Zaria will be ranked very high on that list.
OSG Planetary Operations
#3 Posted: 2015.07.28 06:20
I highly endorse Zaria for CPM her broad experience of the game in both time and context is valuable. Even more important in my view is her ability to analyze, test, and best of all discuss. I have interacted with Zaria extensively during my own time as CPM and she has not only proven able to bring ideas and evaluation to the table but the will to frame them in a constructive manner even when we differ on conclusions or points of information.

As with last year one of the highest recommendations I can give a CPM candidate is to say I believe them capable of disagreeing with me/other prospective CPMs and yet retain the ability to be objective, effective and interactive.
I know first hand that Zaria is quite capable of this and just like Pokey Dravon the poster directly above me in this thread, Zaria will most certainly be on my ballot for CPM 2.

Zaria would be an asset to the CPM and I firmly believe she should be elected.

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#4 Posted: 2015.07.28 08:39  |  Edited by: Cat Merc
I highly endorse my salmon provider Zaria.

She is one of the few people I can comfortably say understand the inner workings of the game to a deep level, and can at a glance see the effects of every change and how it would cascade before it even released.
We often don't agree about a lot of things, but her analytical skills are wonderful, and I can always see where she is coming from even if I disagree.

For the love of everything that's holy, make sure Zaria is somewhere on your ballot, or I will flay you alive be very disappointed in you.
Random Gunz
#5 Posted: 2015.07.28 23:34
I also strongly endorse this candidate. Zaria will be on my ballot this year.

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

Corrosive Synergy
#6 Posted: 2015.07.29 03:32
Zaria is one of the best candidates here, I strongly endorse Zaria
HavoK Core
#7 Posted: 2015.07.29 13:52
Has made my list for CPM2

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#8 Posted: 2015.07.31 01:40
I officially endorse Zaria Min Deir. I could list a bunch of boring legitimate reasons why to vote for this person, but I could also tell you that she has a guitar shotgun.

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Dead Man's Game
#9 Posted: 2015.08.08 11:21
Wassup, good luck Zaria. Going to listen to the podcast, might have questions after.

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#10 Posted: 2015.08.09 22:53
Thank you all for your support!

Also, thank you CCP for not giving me notifications for this thread O.o

zariamindeir on Twitter&Gmail

Opus Arcana
#11 Posted: 2015.08.12 07:18
Zaria said she'd kick me if I didn't support.... she's ruthless


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#12 Posted: 2015.08.13 17:46
Zaria Min Deir wrote:
Thank you all for your support!

Also, thank you CCP for not giving me notifications for this thread O.o

/dons tinfoil hat

It's a hazing ritual for the new CPMs, which were already selected weeks ago Lol

Congratulations Blink

/removes tinfoil

Seriously now, I really hope you are elected to CPM 2, you'd be a real benefit to the community.
Nos Nothi
#13 Posted: 2015.08.17 12:33
#14 Posted: 2015.08.17 13:32
Thank you :)

zariamindeir on Twitter&Gmail

OSG Planetary Operations
#15 Posted: 2015.08.17 19:22
Adipem Nothi wrote:

I second the motion Big smile
Dead Man's Game
#16 Posted: 2015.08.17 21:00
Congratulations, Z, for getting on the CPM2!

Your success warms my heart. =)

PS: No wonder considering how often the forum search function lists 'Zaria' as one of the most searched for word.... =)

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