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Pokey Dravon for CPM2 - A Year in Reflection

OSG Planetary Operations
#1 Posted: 2015.07.26 21:31  |  Edited by: Pokey Dravon
Alright folks, looks like it's time for Round 2!


Pokey Dravon here, doing what no sane person would do, and deciding to run for CPM2. My reasons for running this year are not so different from last year, and I've spent the last 12+ months working to the further the goals I had from the last election. For those of you who are familiar with the type of things I've been working on for the last year, this thread probably won't be of much use to you; but for everyone else let me explain what I'm all about.

I started playing DUST during the E3 Closed Beta event and have been playing ever since. I'm a co-host on the blog and release episodes weekly to discuss and promote the game. My goal as a CPM is to not only see DUST survive past the PS3, but reach a state where it can persist & thrive. 

While the move to a new platform is necessary and an eventuality, we as a community have much work to do to in order to make Dust survivable. I have been involved with countless community projects from PC rebalance to dropsuit and weapon design. Additionally I've worked with CCP developers directly on a handful of products and helped facilitate communication between CCP and the community. 

With a deep understanding of the game and strong background in working with the community, I hope to take my efforts to the next level by becoming a member of the CPM. Being able to work with CCP directly will allow me to keep doing what I have been doing for the last few years, but on a much larger scale.

A Year In Reflection

Community Game Design

My work with game design is probably what I'm most known for within the community and has earned me the nickname “Spreadsheet Wizard” even though if you got a glimpse of just how many spreadsheets I've worked on, you might call it more of an sickness than anything else.

Regardless it's not secret that I love numbers. I love very rational design based around hard data and factual information. I believe that being able to quantify a given situation is the best was to calculate and produce a solution. As such I've led several discussions about design and joined in on many more with other members of the community.

To be clear though, I am also acutely aware that you simply cannot quantify every aspect of gameplay and that numbers do not always paint the whole picture when it comes to balance. Numbers are great in that they let you get close to the right answer, but in nearly every instance, actual field testing is necessary to really understand how everything is working and then adjusting accordingly.

This is why I feel it is important to base design off of an actual mathematical model, but then make needed changes based off of how the game plays and feels.

That being said I've been heavily involved in countless community design projects:
(Honestly there are a lot more than this but I'm not going to dig through 12+ months of posting to find every example)
Logistics Slot Progression
Planetary Conquest Think Tank
HAV & SHAV Progression
HAV Hull Progression
HAV Bringback Initiative
CPM Input Request: Logistics & Support
CPM Input Request: Commandos
CPM Input Request: Assault Bonuses
1.8 Sentinel Effective HP Calculations
1.8 Sentinel Damage Efficiency Calculations
Defining Racial Themes
Defining Roles on the Battlefield
Planetary Conquest 2.0
Conquest (Skirmish 3.0) Conceptual Design
OSG Planetary Operations
#2 Posted: 2015.07.26 21:31
Biomassed Podcast
I'm a Co-Host on the podcast. The show covers pretty much any topic you can imagine in Dust as well as a spattering of EVE Online, Valkyrie, and even some pop culture (typically Deadpool). One important aspect is that we often have members of the CPM on the show to give weekly updates on what is going on with CCP and the CPM so we always try to squeeze as much information out of the CPM as we possibly can every week for the community.

It is my hope that I am elected so we can continue to bring you consistent CPM updates every week.
Biomassed.Net Podcast

Player Guides
I eventually grew tired of poor new player tools and a general lack of a central database to help and aid players to better understand the game. So I went ahead and started to write some basic guides, primarily focused on helping ease new players into DUST which is typically not New Player friendly. While I love writing material like this for players, they should not have to go to third party sources for this information so I will continue to push for further support in the actual game client.

A Fundamental Guide to Dropsuit Bonuses
Overview of the various dropsuits in the game and what bonuses they offer.

A Fundamental Guide to Damage Profiles
A guide to how damage types work and which profile each weapon has.

A Fundamental Guide to Light Weapons
Overview of all of the light weapons and their variants with some basic tips on how to be successful with them.

A Fundamental Guide to Weapon Ranges
An explanation of how weapon perform at various ranges.

A Fundamental Guide to Equipment
An overview of all equipment currently available in-game.

A Fundamental Guide to Scanning
Covering the basics of how scanning and EWAR work in-game.

DUST/New Eden Based Experience

  • Closed Beta Veteran
  • Regularly plays nearly all roles and races
  • Commando Enthusiast
  • HAV & LAV Aficionado
  • Experience in Corporate Management Tools
  • Experience in leadership positions in both a Corporation and Alliance
  • Experience in training new players
  • Experience in Planetary Conquest & Faction Warfare
  • Beta Tournament Participant
  • Experience playing in High, Low, and Null Sec in EVE Online

CPM2 Goals and Wishlist

  • Rebuild on PS4 & PC (And all of the performance improvements it comes with)
  • Improved New Player Experience
  • Improved Veteran Player Experience with more Post-Level 5 content.
  • Filling missing racial variants of weapons/vehicles.
  • Reintroduction/Redesign of missing vehicle modules.
  • Expansion of LAV & Dropship progression (Similar to HAV rebuild)
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Module Rebalance
  • Expansion on Equipment (Support, Offensive, ect.)
  • Definitively define Dropsuit roles.
  • Drastically Improved Corporate Management Tools
  • Proper Alliance Support/Capability
  • Industry/Crafting
  • PvE
  • Cleaning up the remaining messier aspects of the game's design.
OSG Planetary Operations
#3 Posted: 2015.07.26 21:32  |  Edited by: Pokey Dravon
Random Gunz
#4 Posted: 2015.07.27 01:08
I endorse this candidate most highly. Pokey is everything a CPM needs to be, and I feel he belongs on CPM2.

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

Immortal Guides
#5 Posted: 2015.07.27 14:29
Added a link to your official CPM2 candidacy thread to my third party endorsement thread. It also provided a convenient excuse to bump the thread in General Discussion.

Hand/Eye coordination cannot be taught. For everything else there is the Learning Coalition.

HavoK Core
#6 Posted: 2015.07.27 15:12
For what it's worth, you can add me to the endorsements list. I had voted for Pokey in the last election.

Dust Veteran. June 2012 - ?

True Logi. Flying DS from the start.


#7 Posted: 2015.07.28 05:54

zariamindeir on Twitter&Gmail

#8 Posted: 2015.07.28 08:45
This little shit is definitely on my ballot, and should be on yours.
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