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The 100% War

#1 Posted: 2015.07.22 16:43

They thought they'd killed him, but instead, he had been reborn. Under the ground, 501st Headstrong twitched. To anything else, it looked like gas leaving his body. For years, Headstrong had fought as a clone, using him mind to travel the universe. His real body? In the ground after being beaten to death by those damn Mercs...

His hand opened, fingers cracking after years and years of cold mobilization. The frigid, taut tendons bulged out, and then resettled. His leg bent at the knee, only to hit the top of his coffin. It made a mute thud, the like which told them that many pounds of dirt lay above him.

His chest heaved as his first major inhale stretched all his muscles. His lungs inflated, sending writhing pain throughout him. Years of stillness, only to be demanded of the fullest.

And finally, his eyes. Those eyes so brown they were almost black, as if he fought with the Devil in him...

At last they opened.

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#2 Posted: 2015.07.23 02:05  |  Edited by: 501st Headstrong

Headstrong gazed at the Planet that his Corporation was based on...0uter.Heaven. For almost 8 months, he had fought and died for their cause, eliminating and making a name for them. They were feared once, until a distant war stole most of their troops away from their holdings. FA had quickly taken the rest. 0H came back with a vengeance, and after defeating all of FA's allies, honed in on the target. Headstrong remembered acutely the smell of grenades and Combat Rifles, he must have discharged hundreds of clips.

Laughter. Fun times. He would have killed to have it all back, as his life was stolen from him. He looked out the window at his world, circling so slowly below. They called his transfer flight two minutes ago, and final boarding rang in his ears. He stood rooted to the spot however.

There they stood probably, awaiting his return so he could laugh again with them. Sadly, as he knew, life goes on. It wasn't in his cards. He could go back to fitting in, but his people weren't there. At least not the ones he had fought and bled with at first.

Closest of friends, yes. But somehow, something else called. Destiny maybe? No...Headstrong didn't believe in such jokes. It was tHe lack of a challenge. The merc trade was dying. Something needed to be done to bring back days of the Prime.

He was the next Prometheus. Instead of bringing Fire to Man however, he was bringing Fire to Molden Heath.

"Goodbye." Headstrong whispered, a single tear shedding to the floor. His path would not make his former friends his adversaries. He secretly relished the challenge, but the size of it all was so hard to comprehend.

He flicked his cloak over his dreaded head, and walked away.

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#3 Posted: 2015.08.06 03:25
CHAPTER 3: A Growing Power

One district stood proudly defended as the scattered bodies of Helix stood under them. Headstrong and his mercs looked at one another, saluting. A final sweep, then they headed towards fw to help their Amarr templars. However...into the midst of the bloodbath, a computer dawned into their skulls

Glory Assault inbound

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Auschwitz Was Hilarious
#4 Posted: 2015.08.28 13:08

The End. :3


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