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Titan Wreckage

Fatal Absolution
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#1 Posted: 2015.07.15 18:38  |  Edited by: WEPONISED killer
I want a map where an Avatar, Leviathan, Eribus, or Ragnarok is crashed landed on a map and depending on the game mode the MCC' are face on either side of the Titan, e.g left and right. I don't want an entire Titan but the bulk in the middle of the Titan is so that either team can fight for the sub systems still intact, this would add variety to factional warfare since you can have a Eribus or Leviatan for Caldari and Gallente factional warfare. This would spruce up the recent game mode Acquisition where each team is Collectiong the remaining resources on the Titan. In ambush this would mean that the teams are fighting each other to fufil their mercenary contract. This would also meaN mercenaries in Eve can drop orbitals on these Titans which would add a random danger to the map so the Eve pilot can resource the drops you'd expect to be on a Titan. This could also tie into pc by having a Titan crash next to a research facility (I say this because on some maps you can see the other maps e.g you can see the bridge map from the map where there's a standalone massive tower in the middle of that map) and the team that controls that Titan controls the planet e.g fending off incoming attacks with the weapons systems on the Titan. This map idea could also use the teleportation feature which makes more sense on a ship rather than random spots on the ground. This would mean Eve and dust could work together. This means if the Eve pilot gets to the planet with the Titan but took too long and the game on dust side was finished the pilot would receive minimum amount of resources so that would encourage eve pilots to duke it out for the resources. This is purely a suggestion I thought up of cause it would add more variety in the game and it's kinda cool.

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