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CPM2 Campaigns

#1 Posted: 2015.06.24 21:08
Perhaps Im just a bit out of the loop, but why are the CPM2 campaigns not in the CPM campaigns section? Is it too early in the process? Have they just not been moved yet? Am I just missing something? Thanks in advance if I get any sort of responses in this scarcely used forum section.
OSG Planetary Operations
#2 Posted: 2015.06.29 17:06
The campaign has not officially begun and that section is not yet unlocked for use.
That being said, in the CPM 1 cycle there were people who were seeking a seat for months before the campaigns section had threads up so this should not be seen as a deterrent to getting ones intent out there.

Hope that answers your questions, if you need any more info feel free to ask Smile

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