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The Battle Front RP \(^_^)/

The Warlords Legion
#61 Posted: 2015.07.26 21:49  |  Edited by: Jonny D Buelle
...Aboard the Warbarge

Jonny D Buelle, Commander of the Mors Effera Mercenary Corperation, opened up his neocom, and switched his comms to be received ship wide. "Attention Ladies, Gentlemen and Assholes, this is your Commander speaking. Just got word of a multi-million isk contract on the planet below, and I will only be taking the best with me.

"Briefing will happen on our descent to the planet. Marcy and Cale report to the armoury and grab your sh*t. Jack, go prep the drop ship. Let's get this done quickly boys and girls, I want to make it to Kruul's for happy hour!"

A couple minutes later, Jonny was waiting for his crew in the dropship bay. He was wearing his Sentinel Gk.0, painted black with the corperation logo on his right shoulder. The paint was worn and scuffed as if it had seen many battles. He carried a Boundless HMG across his back, a magsec SMG on his side, and two locus grenades.

The first to arrive was Cale. He was wearing a golden Amarr Commando Ak.0. In his hands he carried an Assault Scrambler rifle and on his back was a swarm launcher. The corperation logo was displayed proudly on his weapons. As he approached the dropshop, he saluted Jonny and said "Commander, Lieutenant Cale reporting in!" Jonny saluted back and Cale sat down.

The next to arrive was Marcy. She wore a black and silver Minmatar Scout Mk.0. In her hands she carried a BK-42 Assault Combat Rifle. On her hips, she carried her Nova knives. She also carried three remote explosives, and locus grenades. The corporation logo was a bit worn out but still showed on her chest piece. She gave her father a rude gesture as she shoved passed him and onto the ship.

Jonny shook his head and entered the dropship. Jack was already on board, sitting at the helm. He was wearing his Minmatar Logistic Mk.0. It was black and silver with the corperation logo on his right shoulder. On his hip was a submachine gun, but it was more for show than for anything else. His helmet sat on the seat next to him, revealing his dark skin, his cornrowed black hair and his brown eyes.

"Is the ship ready, Captain?" Jonny asked.

"Aye, Commander. She is ready, what's the mission?"

"I'll explain on the way. Get us moving," he replied moving to his seat.

"Aye, aye Commander!"

With that, the dropship left the warbage and started to head down to the planet.

...A Few Minutes Later, Outskirts of the Research Facility

"Bogey, coming up the left flank!" Cale shouted as fired the blaster turret at a large drone that had emerged from the facility.

"There's more of these c*nts on the right!" Marcy shouted back, firing her turret at the drones coming up the right side.

They had only been in the battlefront for less than a minute before they were being engaged by the drones. Jonny had explained the plan and was at the helm with Jack, who had his helmet on this time.

"Jack! We need to land this thing now!" Jonny shouted as a rocket whizzed past the dropship.

"I'm working on it, sir! But I can't shake these f*cking flying trash bins! Just giv-" Jack fell silent as a light on the console started flashing red started beeping. "Oh no."

"Oh no? Oh no?! What the f*ck do you mean by 'Oh no"?!"

Before Jack could answer, Cale shouted "Swarms!" as a volley of rockets slammed into the side of the dropship. The cockpit was alive with flashing lights and emergency beeps.

"Jack! We need to bail!" Jonny said heading towards the drop bay.

"I can still save her Commander! I can still save her!" Jack replied, furiously punching buttons and trying to keep the dropshop stable.

"Gorram it Jack!" Jonny shouted. He then grabbed Jack by the back of his dropsuit and dragged him to the drop nay. He then pushed him out and jumped, followed closely by Cale and Marcy. They activated their dampeners and landed 100m away from the other mercs, surrounded by drones. The dropship crashed in the distance.

"Jack, link your six kin to me and Cale. Cale remove their shields and keep them down, I'll finish them off. Marcy, activate your cloak and see if you can flank them. Move!"

As one, they moved quickly to follow Jonny's order. Jonny quickly switched his comms to an open channel and then said, "This is Commander Jonny D Buelle of Mors Effera, requesting assistance!"

As he sent the message, the group engaged the drones that surrounded them.

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The Warlords Legion
#62 Posted: 2015.08.03 22:53
...On the Ground, 100 meters from the others.

"This is Comman- Oh f*ck it!" Jonny shouted in frustration. He tried three times to radio for support from anyone and everyone. He even tried to contact his warbarge, but he was receiving no response and it was too late, the drones were upon them.

"F*ck 'em up!" He shouted as he took his HMG from his back and started firing at the closest target. Jack had his six kin triage rep tool locked on him and Cale, he had placed down a hybrid hive to help heal as well as restock the two of them. Cale had taken up position next to Jonny and was concentrating on knocking down the shields, and, if he could, eliminate the drones.

Though they worked together like a well oiled machine, the drones kept coming and slowly they were being pushed back. That was until Marcy detonated her remote explosives, laughing maniacally as she did. Though her father knew she wished it was blood and gore raining down instead of scrap metal.

The momentary gap in the drones onslaught gave Cale, Jack and Jonny a chance to set up at a more defendable location. Marcy rejoined the group.

"Sir," said Cale, "We can't hold out forever!"

"Damn straight, and I want to get f*cking paid! Those ladies at Kruul's arnt cheap!" Jonny replied.

"So what's the plan?"

"Jack, take out your scanner and scan the area, see if there's anyone else out there."

Jack fumbled for a bit and took out his scanner and quickly scanned the area. He then swore under his breathe and slapped the scanner. "Stupid f*cking piece of Gallentean sh*t!"

"Hey! I'm sitting right here!"

"Not you, Commander. This f*cking scanner keeps coming up with a margin of error, to the west of us."

"Could be a scout, or a trap, or a scout IN a trap. I don't know I'm too sober for this sh*t. Marcy, you go check it out."

"How about, f*ck you. Just because I'm your daughter doesn't mean you get to boss me around," she said.

Jonny rose to his feet and said, "I am your commanding officer, and you will obey my orders or you won't get paid. And last I checked, you only joined up with us because you wanted to get paid. So stow your sh*tty f*cking attidute, activate your cloak, and go check it out."

"Yes, sir," she replied between her teeth. She then activated her cloak and headed off to the west.

"Smooth, Jonny, real smooth."

"F*ck up Jack."

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Concordiat Mercenaries
#63 Posted: 2015.08.06 07:08

((Robert Conway yelled as a dropship careened overhead from the East, crashing not far from them.))

Looks like that company finally arrived...

((As he said this, a muffled, broken voice came over their helmet comms system.))

*This... shhkkkk... Comman.... shhkkkk.... Buelle.... shhkkkk.... Mors Eff... shhkkkk... assist... shhkkkk...*

Damn... looks like Cedric is jamming our long range communications. But Buelle? That sounds familiar... Does anyone know a Buelle?

((The transmission sounded two more times, each as brief and broken as the last.))

Raven! You are the only one here who has a cloak. Do you think you could head towards where that dropship came from? Perhaps they're still alive. Buelle... Buelle... name sounds so familiar.

Yassavi Approved. -Aero Yassavi

Concordiat Mercenaries
#64 Posted: 2015.08.31 03:01
((A friendly bump to Soul Eater II, sir RAVEN WING, 501st Headstrong, and Jonny D. Buelle. GET YOUR ASSES BACK IN HERE! Please. Smile))

Yassavi Approved. -Aero Yassavi

Corrosive Synergy
#65 Posted: 2015.08.31 05:32
"Yes, I'll go, but that name... Buelle, I know it. Jonny D. Buelle." Viktor headed in the direction the dropship came from.
#66 Posted: 2015.08.31 13:27
"Never heard of Buelle... Who is he?.."

((Sorry been busy with school and at Random Gunz))

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The Warlords Legion
#67 Posted: 2015.09.01 03:07
Marcy saw Viktor run pass her position towards her father and the rest of her squad. Had she not been using her vloak, he would of easily spotted her. She giggled to her self as she decloaked, tripped Viktor, put a knee on his back causing him to fall, climbed on his back and placed a knife at Viktor's throat.

"Viktor, how nice to see you again." She started laughing before saying, "If my father did not have need of your assistance, I would slit your throat right here and now."

She got off Viktor and helped him up. "Let's go Caldari."

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