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City Skirmishes

#1 Posted: 2015.06.03 20:53
I've always been wondering when we'd fight in a more urban environment. I was thinking, what if there were city maps, divided into different sections by walls and gates. You'd have your military district, trade district, civilian district, etc. this would create more infantry beneficial maps but open areas like maybe a park or street would allow options of ground vehicles. If we have lots of enter able structures, maybe even with many openings for entry other than the ground, drop ships would be a great advantage as well.

Just a general idea for a map I've been pondering. It's also be nice to see some actual plant life other than grass...

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#2 Posted: 2015.06.09 15:26
or maybe even a destroyed city


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#3 Posted: 2015.06.13 17:34
This is a great idea, planets in new Eden should have amarr temples, so we should start there.

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