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Ashlands and Fracture roads

Shining Flame
Amarr Empire
#1 Posted: 2015.04.09 13:59
In ashlands one team always spawns close to both supply depots. I can tell you how many times i'm on the opposite side and spawn in with an experimental weapon that i don't want to use and try to change my suit but there are no supply depots to change my costly suit. So if you can change the spawns or where the supply depots are located please.Blink Fracture roads, most of the time if you have good, or smart blueberries in your team they know straight away to go up to the tower to get a higher ground but if you don't get there fast enough you can never get the higher ground back once you lost it.Sad
Nutricii ad Mortem
#2 Posted: 2015.06.22 02:00
Who bothers playing OMS anyhow? It's basically Nyain San stomping everyone with there FoTM

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