Ambush Gamemode

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Your mode is bad and you should feel bad

Commando Perkone
Caldari State
#1 Posted: 2015.01.09 03:00  |  Edited by: Bone Doc
Why does this mode exist? It feels like it holds little to no purpose but to be used as a housing for headless chickens with rifles that need there SP fix and on top of that:

- Bad spawns
-Unnecessary large map
-Vehicles in a TDM?

I have no idea where I'm running to or why,just look for the enemy and eliminate them but the maps are so vast with very little cover options getting to them is more of a chore than a reward.When it comes to the CQC maps ,the game ends up with one team camping indoors and everyone waiting on the other to make a move through the doorway to be gunned down.

This mode is pointless,dry, and amorphous, I wish it was better than this...
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