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Featured Promotions for Jan 6th 11:00 UTC - Jan 13th 11:00 UTC

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2015.01.05 12:28  |  Edited by: CCP Frame
Omega Boosters are back!

3 Day Active Omega

And 7 day Active Omega booster

Plus, featuring:

Jara Kumora - Market Agent that will grant another 15% of ISK profit if bought for AUR, allowing a maximum Vendor Price of 50% of market price.

And Skill Reset and Refund - An option to reset your Skills and refund your Skill Points will now be sold as a player convenience service for AUR under the Services Market category. Skillbooks will be refunded at 80% of the ISK Market Price with the Skillpoints.

Additionally, it is your last chance to obtain X-MS Mass Driver - only available until Jan 13th 11:00 UTC and then it is gone!

CCP Frame, CCP Shanghai Team

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