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Iron Delta Potholes

Sanmatar Kelkoons
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2015.01.05 08:39
These potholes are consistent and repeatable and so far only effect EQ.

Video of the first pothole here:

I was able to repeat the results with a squad mate here:

Found another one just the other day. If I get the map again, I'll try and get video of it.

That is a crappy picture, but by Bravo objective there are stairs that go down towards the broken section of wall. In the corner tucked right around the stairs where the tower and outside wall meet. This is above the acid bath. I placed an uplink here in a factional battle. Later, I spawned on it and it had me below the floor IN the acid bath without about 3 of my teammates. Not cool.

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