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The New Fracture Road (Domination)

#1 Posted: 2014.12.21 01:58
I want to say a few things about this map, specifically the changes suffered recently.

Easy access to be granted to the top of the central tower placing stairs makes relocation of the target '' A '' (Moved to G6 G7 *) is provided for further action kills target farming of from the top, making it impossible hacking target if this action is performed.
(* Locations are approximate based on the old image image posted on this map)

Another point is, when you have expelled all the team of the target area A, and up to tubes, they never go down, only keep expecting to see any player and kill him, without even giving fair fight to try to hack the goal, this is annoying from both sides, because if you're a team that's frustrating not to try to win, if not to farm kills, and being of those who are winning is annoying that only hide in the tubes without lowering only waiting for passes to shoot.

Another plus point is the highest area of the central tower in it can be reached by ship and you can walk in certain areas, is used to buguear links and nobody can destroy, which is annoying because it gives them an advantage to practice this.

More details, the tubes are always filled with pesky snipers that kill you in one shot and they never die, because they hide, I do not have much against this role, but now it costs them nothing, I mean, before at least had to sacrificing a dropship, though not now.

I think this is all I had to say, we can say that English is not my first language, so it is normal if there are errors of language. I think this either express my dissatisfaction with the changes to the map, which to me were not successful, I hope they read, greetings and thanks for taking the time.
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#2 Posted: 2014.12.21 02:33
El Burro
#3 Posted: 2014.12.21 04:22
this map is full of pesky snipers and campers .. please edit

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#4 Posted: 2014.12.23 00:44
I am a new merc, and never played the original version of fracture road. The first 20 times I played this map I hated it. I have since, however, found my niche in the domination mode, and it is now one of my favorites!
All of the scenarios that you mention, Rodrigo, make the gameplay more intense. Controlling the tower platform above the objective is key to succeeding. If you have a heavy supported by a logi, and a couple sharpshooters on the pipe, it doesn't even matter if the opposing team deploys drop uplinks on the tower surface, you can keep the platform clean for your ground crew to hack the null cannon.
Yeah, snipers are super pesky, but that just balances the odds. If you can, squad up with a shotgun scout (or pull yours out), to keep the structure parallel to the tower clear of snipers. If you are getting abused by snipers on the pipe, you are on the wrong side of the tower to begin with.

If you can't get to the objective because the other team has the platform, then your teammates probably need more help up high, spawn from the mcc with a medium range weapon and try to support the heavies from your pipe with suppressing fire, or drop in with a rep tool and hives.

The thing that gets really irritating in this level, is when the opposing team has a skilled assault drop ship pilot. But even then, a couple guys with swarm launchers can generally keep the critical areas safe.

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#5 Posted: 2015.02.11 17:38
I No Longer Play THIS Map I Always Leave Of afk

goodbye world

Corrosive Synergy
#6 Posted: 2015.02.20 01:54
Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and retract my previous comment. **** this map.

Director - Corrosive Synergy

#7 Posted: 2015.04.15 15:11
You have spawn area on both sides of the pipes. Whip out a TSR and force them down

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#8 Posted: 2015.04.22 17:21
The steps at the Dom Letter are bugged to the right side as you walk from the tower at your back.You get stuck by the steps.
Please fix this sticking spot at the steps.
The New Fracture Road(Domination)
Dust 90210
#9 Posted: 2015.05.12 09:42
Luther Mandrix wrote:
The steps at the Dom Letter are bugged to the right side as you walk from the tower at your back.You get stuck by the steps.
Please fix this sticking spot at the steps.
The New Fracture Road(Domination)

Confirming this. My alt got stuck there a couple times yesterday.

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