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Border Gulch Domination

Resheph Interstellar Strategy
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#1 Posted: 2014.11.21 12:36
Also posted a version of this in general

I expect that there will be people that disagree with me but although this is an old favourite as far as maps go I'm not sure the recent changes have helped it.

I understand why the teams default spawn points were moved closer to the objective but I'm not sure that they are currently in the best position. The current locations of the non MCC spawns (H5 and C12) are far too easy to camp and lock down.

The biggest issues is that once the point is camped it becomes a turkey shoot because the oppositions chevrons appear before they do and it's possible to locate and shoot them before they can even move or return fire. Also when the nearby CRU is hacked it is possible for the campers to spawn in as fast as the the defenders.

I know there are potential counters, spawn in the redline, bring in a tank/ADS, try and get a squad to respawn concurrently, try and break out with a scout and get some uplinks down are all viable but none of these really address being able to camp and respawn yourself on top of the oppositions default spawn location. Also the fact that on the whole once this has happened the counter attack can only come from one direction making it easy to cover.

I think that the default spawn location needs to be moved again somewhere else to a) prevent direct camping b) to give the team an alternate direction to start their attack from potentially bringing the bridge into play as a choke point? Although this would negate to aim of moving the spawns closer to the objective.

TL/DR Personally I think that the default spawn points need to be moved to mitigate being able to camp them.
#2 Posted: 2014.11.26 01:08  |  Edited by: I-Shayz-I
Visual for those who want it:

There should be a supply depot or something on the bridge or at F9. This would allow for an additional area to push from rather than having to rely on the singular CRU on either side.

It would also be interesting to see the supply depot and objective switched to prevent people from building up an orbital proof nest of uplinks/hives in that building (it takes a long time to get to the walkway/ledge behind the objective to swap out at the supply depot.

Edit: What about moving the objective to the "tunnel" at the base of the giant tower at the bottom right corner of E8?

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Resheph Interstellar Strategy
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#3 Posted: 2014.11.26 10:59
This morning I sat and watched 2 logis hack the supply depot and build a nest of ammo and repair hives on the roof. They take it in turns to lay RE's over the whole area and insta kill anyone spawning in anywhere in the complex. Rinse and repeat.

....Not saying I didn't try to pick off the stragglers
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