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Consolidated Ambush OMS Maps Feedback!

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2014.11.13 07:49
Hello everyone,

In this thread we will consolidate all the feedback on various maps in DUST 514 in Ambush OMS game mode. Below you can find top-view pictures of all the maps. Please post any issues you have with maps in this thread. If addressing a specific section of the map, please include the grid coordinates included in the image above for easier verification. For full-size version please click the name links under the image!

Thanks guys!

Border Gulch


Fracture Road

Impact Ridge

Spine Crescent

Manus Peak

Line Harvest

Iron Delta

Skim Junction

CCP Frame, CCP Shanghai Team

Onikanabo Brigade
Caldari State
#2 Posted: 2014.11.13 19:15  |  Edited by: 137H4RGIC
Just what sorry of feedback are you looking for? Bugs? Complications? I still ge spawned ontop of the enemy in spine crescent h9.

Edit, that is to say I spawned here surrounded by two enemy squads and a tank via smart deploy, multiple times

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Nexus Balusa Horizon
#3 Posted: 2014.11.24 13:39
In border gulch one team spawn near the bridge, while the other team is far.
Of course the one near the bridge have an incredible tactical advantage.

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