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Consolidated Domination Maps Feedback!

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#1 Posted: 2014.11.13 07:22
Hello everyone,

In this thread we will consolidate all the feedback on various maps in DUST 514 in Domination game mode. Below you can find top-view pictures of all the maps. Please post any issues you have with maps in this thread. If addressing a specific section of the map, please include the grid coordinates included in the image above for easier verification. For full-size version please click the name links under the image!

Thanks guys!

Boulder Rim

Fracture Road

Border Gulch


Skim Junction

Manus Peak

Impact Ridge

Spine Crescent

Line Harvest

Iron Delta

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#2 Posted: 2014.11.13 18:45
Boulder Rim: Rail turret grid E-8 has direct line of sight and range to shoot into attacker redline. It covers the entire area roughly from there to grid J-7. This gives one side complete vehicle area denial. Perhaps switch to a blaster turret?

Fracture Road: New objective position puts it direcly in line of sights of snipers on the pipes. Jump from the MCC, land on the pipe, and snipe. Uplinks still glitch into the central tower ledge at grid G-7.

Border Gulch: Attacker redline has no supply depot. There are no supply depots accessible by tanks except 1, the defender redline under the MCC.

Impact ridge: Redline area is larger than playable area. Only grid coordinates H-9 to J-9 and H-11 to J-11 and half of those grids are in the redline themselves. All snipers, long range weapons such as rail tanks and forge guns can shoot into the playing area protected by 200 m or more of redline. Redlining becomes very easy, once a team is pushed out of the objective they are effecivley redlined. Once redlined enemy troops have to charge either across a giant bowl being shot all the while or are bottlenecked entering the gate. Dropships are made redundant by 1 railtank shooting into the red without fear of retalliation from anything else but another rail tank. I have sniped the objective at around 400m using an NT-511. I have a buffer of roughly 300 m of redline. Nothing save an enemy sniper on my redline (which is in my direct field of view) will touch me. No ADS, no Lav, and i still have roughly 100-200 meters more to retreat to if i see any enemy coming.

Spine Cresent: Though this more or less varies with the sockets, the new small caldari sockets make suplly depots inaccesible to tanks when they are generated on this map.

Hope this helps

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#3 Posted: 2014.11.27 02:03
Am I crazy, or are we missing a few Domination maps here...

I know I play on the Gallente Research Facility as it lags hard due to equipment spam from the underground Resupply

I see one on this Impact Ridge map

However... the domination mode played in a Gal Research Fac is not played on impact Ridge afaik....

Missing a map here bro... video of the map: @ 1:16 mark you have the overhead.


One more point, 99% of the player base has no idea what the maps names are or the main facilities in them are called.

Look at that UI on the left of the overhead map at the 1:16 minute mark again...

It shows the following:

Mode: Domination
Region: Domain
Planet: Misaba III
Sov: Amarr Empire

Current Fitting
Templar Sentinel A-1

Squad Members
Blue 1
Blue 2
Blue 3

Now... there is plenty of room below the sov of the planet to list the district map and facility like so:

Mode: Domination
Region: Domain
Planet: Misaba III
Sov: Amarr Empire
District: Skim Junction
Type: Gallente Research

Current Fitting
Templar Sentinel A-1

Squad Members
Blue 1
Blue 2
Blue 3

I don't know why CCP never did this from the start... but that is the ENTIRE REASON that this map feedback section is a freaking ghost town...

We need the maps updated to reflect the recent map changes, and a map with matching facilities as per what we see in game.

Basically, every map variation that is in the Game Mode queues in game... should be listed here.

Thank you.

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#4 Posted: 2014.11.27 19:36
Examples of outer redline areas that need more cover (to allow players to fight their way back out of a redlining)

Line harvest (Scenario where Defender (red) is being redlined)

Players can rally behind pillars at E6; small hill at D7, or city at C9.

From E6 & D7, players will face a line of enemies around E7 - including the rooftop high ground.

To advance out of E6 & D7, players must cross completely open, cover-less terrain (E6 lower right quadrant; D7 lower half - E7 upper half).

I suggest adding cover to this open area to allow a safer advance

From C9, players will face an extended line of enemies in the hills of D8 - D9 (note: the cover provided by the hills gives the attackers the distinct advantage of placing equipment which will be completely protected).

To advance out of C9, players must cross the road (D8 - D9) with no cover whatsoever.

Maybe the solution here is to reduce the height of the attacker's hill? Or just park a huge truck on the road.

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#5 Posted: 2014.11.29 02:50
In Fracture Road, a lot of times when I call in a dropship in coordinates- H1 or H3 (Not sure on which one) it would sustain damage, and in instances even causing enough to destroy it!

Haven't been seeing dropships blow up lately, but can you guys take a look?
#6 Posted: 2014.12.18 07:17
Impact Ridge is honestly the worst map ever for Domination. It's got the same exact pattern of play no matter what:

- Dropships ontop of the roof, spam links and nanohives.
- Heavy spam inside the building with the objective because there's no way to clear them out except more heavy spam.
- Forge gunners/snipers on the high tower roof
- Rail tanks in the redline.

Ever. Flipping. Time. There is never any variation in play. Once a team has any 2/4 of the above combination they pretty much own the rest of the map.

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#7 Posted: 2015.02.12 19:56
Boulder rim, spawning on uplinks on around F9 causes you to fall through the map. There are other sites on or around the central structure that has the same effect.

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#8 Posted: 2015.04.03 08:01
Boulder Rim.

MCC placement in Grid A - 6 needs moving to A - 3.

Multiple occations that tanks can redline players and kill them as they land from MCC drop. Moving to grid A - 3 at the bottom of the hill allows for a gathering of players to begin counter.
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