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Boulder Rim Skirmish Feedback!

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2014.11.13 05:56  |  Edited by: CCP Frame

This thread is for specific feedback on any Boulder Rim map in the Skirmish game mode. Please post any issues you have with the map in this thread. If addressing a specific section of the map, please include the grid coordinates included in the image above for easier verification.

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DUST University
#2 Posted: 2014.11.13 07:19
Buildings in the B-9 through B-12 area are up too high. They are displaced just above the ground and require you to jump over an invisible barrier, even if you run along the road. It can also be visibly seen if you look down and strafe around (entire structure/socket appears to "hover").

I don't know if it's this way for all variants of this map, but the one I was able to test was during the Skirmish variant.

Also the big buildings on both F10 and G10 (same building, one to the north, one to the south) have windows on the East side. When you look through them, the walls on both the North and South face are seethrough.

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Storm Wind Strikeforce
Caldari State
#3 Posted: 2014.11.13 10:23
It's not really a bug but I think you should redesign the redline on this map for skirmish mode, otherwise great map
#4 Posted: 2014.11.24 17:21

B11-B12 : structure not fully grounded to map surface ( elevated at the edge )

G8 : Rock/Boulder ( get stuck in there unable to get out ) only by suicide. Ex: Ambush smart deploy inside that rock smh.

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Exiled Veteran Elite
#5 Posted: 2014.11.26 14:59
f10 and g10 the building is open at the bottom and uplinks can be thrown inside trapping players

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Tal-Romon Legion
Amarr Empire
#6 Posted: 2014.11.29 03:32
Building at D6 (the trapezoid shaped one) floats off of the ground on the top right corner.
Tal-Romon Legion
Amarr Empire
#7 Posted: 2014.11.29 03:34
Building at D6 (the trapezoid shaped one) floats off of the ground on the top right corner.

You can even see it in the image. It's floating off of the edge of the embankment.
Ahrendee Mercenaries
#8 Posted: 2014.12.04 05:45
Man, I have to say that I hate this map. I back out of it most times the minute I realize I've been deployed into it. The hill around alpha is just a chore to climb. The alpha socket doesn't really promote fun fights either. One way in through the front or you can drop down and camp from the balcony.
Bad Mother Thukkers
#9 Posted: 2014.12.05 22:18
This map is beyond fun for Domination. The fights in that warehouse can get pretty epic, especially when a blaster HAV rolls in!

Like others have said, climbing that hill near Alpha is a pain. Please at least add some sort of half assed path or something.

My only other concern, is why have that crazy bridge road off in the distance behind Alpha? I really want to LAV race on it... Sad

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Namtar Elite
Gallente Federation
#10 Posted: 2015.03.03 10:27
Not a big fan of this map either. Not sure how u could not improve it though. Maybe make it easier to get up the sides of A. Or maybe add a forth letter above A.

Kinda of a long shot but me an a buddy discussed that it would be kool if u had underground tunnels leading from A to the other 2 letters.

Oh n fix the spawn points they are so easy to farm camp a team once they get redlined.


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Armored Dragon Dust
#11 Posted: 2015.03.07 07:56
The main issue with this map is the attackers can easily walk into the ground spawn of the defenders at H10 and H11. There is no red line there and they can just walk in and spawn camp those who chose ground spawn.

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Rebelion TLC.
#12 Posted: 2015.04.15 18:10
There is a bug, when you enter the battle it says: 5 objectives, when this is the real map, with 3 objectives; by the way, we still has'nt a map for the new "MCC development map"




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