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Boulder Rim Domination Feedback!

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#1 Posted: 2014.11.13 05:55  |  Edited by: CCP Frame

This thread is for specific feedback on any Boulder Rim map in the Domination game mode. Please post any issues you have with the map in this thread. If addressing a specific section of the map, please include the grid coordinates included in the image above for easier verification.

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#2 Posted: 2014.11.13 12:00
F9 in the train building and G10 both have the containers you can walk through, my merc gets stuck on the edges on the floor.

Otherwise, helluva hectic map, very nice

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#3 Posted: 2014.11.24 20:01
It needs to be easier to get onto the roof from the ground. Right now the only way is to climp up the narrow slope at F9 or take a massive detour.

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#4 Posted: 2014.11.26 00:42
hfderrtgvcd wrote:
It needs to be easier to get onto the roof from the ground. Right now the only way is to climp up the narrow slope at F9 or take a massive detour.

This is the only thing that I have an issue with on this map. It forces players to only ever place uplinks on the roof or near the buildings on the hill above the objective at F10.

I feel like there should be some sort of road that leads up the hill at both D8 and I9 so that we don't have to drive ALL the way around the map just to get back up the hill, or climb up the funky textures that the hills have in between the objective building and the plateaus on either side.

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#5 Posted: 2014.11.26 16:43
f+g 10 when facing west from the road uplinks can be thrown into the building ( the building can also be seen through if your close enough) trapping players inside. check near the container bordering G10 +11

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#6 Posted: 2014.12.27 10:23
I have mixed feelings about this map. The main objective A is very difficult to obtain. It is great for sneaky scout and is ok for heavys but for assaults its terrible. You are constantly at risk of being shot from above and being flanked at all time
Also whistle I still remember there is a slight glitch with this map. The two square shape building on top.(the one with the null cannon on top) there is a small space on the ground where people are constantly dropping uplinks inside of those building . And the only way of is the kill your self. Not sure where I'm going with any of this so by lol

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#7 Posted: 2015.01.17 02:46
Players glitching out after dropping onto elevated walkway in objective room. Occurs frequently on the one in F9, not certain about the one in G9.

when this occurs, i am less able to jump and unable to move onto the solid part of the walkway (that cant be seen through). Repeated jumping often fixes the issue.
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