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New facilty eats HAVs. Something new doing something old.

Nec Tributis
#1 Posted: 2014.11.11 11:14
Hey it's Dust and a map ate a tank. What's not to like?
Well losing a freaking tank because it bumped the rail of a new facility. Ugh

The new facility has a lower path way and one that is offset to the left. If you follow the left one it rises up, makes a hard right and a radiused left hand turn. Touching the right hand side of that turn's railing ate my Maddy. Instant explosion with no warning.

It definitely looks okay but there is no way I am going to send my tanks testing the edges of that again. Not without a test server and some free tanks.

And no red berries.

Or Blue Belles. Pirate

My favorite tank is a Lightning. Just sayin.

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