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Impact ridge new redlines are bad

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#1 Posted: 2014.11.07 10:40
To be more specific, impact ridge

Anyways the redlines are roughly 100 - 150m from the objective. The area inside of the redline is vast, and was already big enough to warrent air transport to the point. It essential limits the fighting to an area smaller than ambush maps. Not very good for tactcal gamplay and vehicle depolymet since it gives every single player on the map to shoot into objective while being protected by the redline.

Basically from grid coordinates H-9 to J-9 and H-11 to J-11 and half of those grids are in the redline themselves.

That map just feels a lot more dumb for a lack of a better adjective. For months and months people have been proposing ideas to fix the redline, and its hard to believe the answer to not just add more redline but to cover 3/4s of the map in redline. Put the old redline on the map back, or make it smaller than previous.

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#2 Posted: 2014.11.26 00:57
For those who want visual reference:

I actually hated how long it took to get to the objective from the main base.

Although I'd rather have the objective inside the little bunker at H9, with the larger socket as a sort of "sudo-base" where you could keep everything set up and have vehicle battles in. I really hate that a tank can roll up to the objective and shoot into the objective whenever someone hacks it. On other sockets it's a bit more balanced, but the one in the picture is my least favorite variant of this map.

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