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#1 Posted: 2014.09.29 15:17
Can you please get rid of the underground domination map. Not only does it lag when it gets logi bombed but it a one sided map. All one team has to do is fill it with heavys and hmg and they have pretty much won the game. I shouldnt have to become a heavy to play a certain map, and on a similar note can we have more maps?
#2 Posted: 2014.09.30 17:55
I like that map :< it used to be my least favourite, but now I can get quite a lot of points on it. When all I did was sniping, the map was an utter nightmare because the only thing I was skilled into was the sniper rifle, so I was using my medic starter fit and just kept getting taken out by a few bullets from a HMG to the face. Now that I'm skilled into other things, I have lots of fun in that map. I'm not a heavy. I die more as a heavy than I do as a logi for some reason, so I stick with the repair tool and an assault rifle.

I don't find it one-sided since they changed the match-making - I've seen A change hands quite frequently, and for the match to be pretty even.

More maps would be nice, but I think the current maps need fixing first.
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