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Smart Deploy

Krusual Covert Operators
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2014.08.08 19:06
Line Harvest Ambush

My team lost the initial skirmish and was now just popping in. The opposing team had a tank on the main road, on the other side of one of the large open air buildings there was a second tank. Mix in some heavies and a cloak or three and it got really ugly.

Now the problem was not the heavies and the scouts, that is for another thread, it was the tanks. They were about 150 meters apart and the smart deploy, kept popping players right in between them.

I don't know how to fix a situation like this. but it doesn't make sense. The algorithms need to take this into account. Do not drop players in between two tanks?

The opposing infantry never had time to form the normal crescent around a drop in point, the tanks would just shoot every 2-3 seconds and kill whoever had popped in.
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