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Krusual Covert Operators
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2014.07.31 23:56
Right now, the Cargo Containers that make up most of the obstacles on the maps are fixed.

A couple of suggestions.

1) Make them random. Have a few that are fixed, but take half / quarter and drop them in the beginning and maybe drop a few every couple of minutes.

2) put ladders on the sides of some.

3) have some of the ends on and some of the ends off (at random)? Some with both ends off.

4) maybe have a few of them destructible.

Anyhow the idea is to change the maps just enough so that folks who have memorized them, have to think a little.

In the future Legion or some other Dust iteration, have smaller cargo boxes / containers and allow folks to climb them / jump up on top of them.

Hell you could have a flat plain and nothing but cargo containers large and small and ladders and no ladders, open ends, etc. A cargo container graveyard. Scout and Heavy heaven.

Thanks for reading this.
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