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I have a feeling that I fight all the time in the same place

#1 Posted: 2014.07.12 14:03
...it's because map may differ a little, but every Outpost(biomass for example) look identical to meStraight.

So you are able to add different mask to same Dropsuit - Sentinel and Command use same model but different texture.

Could you be so nice and transfer the same game mechanic to Outpost as well, so the players may have filling that they fight for the same type of Outpost, but in different place - because it's full in rust compare to previews one, or it look completely new.

Outpost could have:

  1. big basic layer that cover entire Outpost and make it look like it's 'new'
  2. big layer that cover entire Outpost and makes it like it fit to environment, so if planet is red, the rust is present in Outpost on streets, metal parts, on road signs(they may also partially fallen). Everything so the player may feel the passage of time, decoy
  3. small layer that cover just part of Outpost - just to make one dusty planet Outpost differed from second one.

It would alsow be amassing if models of Outpost have small differences - like missing handrailsRoll

Thanks for reading.

This is Skirmish v1.0.

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