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Neutral installations on Skirmish

#1 Posted: 2014.06.28 14:32
Game mechanics is constructed in way that districts always belong to someone, there isn't any neutrals ones that need to be conquer for the first time. I understand that for balance reasons we do need to have neutral null-cannons at the beginning of the match, otherwise attacker team would have less chance to take them(as we proved back in E3 build in close beta).

But we do not really need neutral installations - could we borrow from Ambush OMS mechanic that drop from sky installations and tweak it a little so as soon as we take control over null-cannons(hack terminal), defense installations are dropping from the sky and of course they are already on our side. While game progress the new structures could appear to reward team actions(for example supply depot for holding terminal from the beginning of match), or to support it while team is holding just one terminal way to long. It would make game more dynamic.

When I'm playing skirmishes I see many new players running to hack installations in first place rather than taking terminals of course it's waste of time but they don't know it. Removing neutrals installations would simplify game for them, it is like they are confused by those neutral things at beginning and instead of capturing something that has meaning for the team they are focusing on useless blaster turret that they will not even use later one.
It not supposed to be topic about WP but persone that take terminal as first on map could be rewarded in some extra way because of this first wave of installation..

This is Skirmish v1.0.

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