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The Black Jackal for CPM1. Once you go Black, you never go back!

The Southern Legion
#1 Posted: 2014.06.12 23:57
"There is this tremendous amount of arrogance and hubris, where somebody can look at something for five minutes and dismiss it. Whether you talk about gaming or 20th century classical music, you can't do it in five minutes. You can't listen to 'The Rite of Spring' once and understand what Stravinsky was all about."

Penn Jillette

Above is a quote the resonates with my experience within DUST 514 and EVE Online. I have played since the early days of Closed Beta, otherwise known as Mordu's Private Trials. I saw what potential DUST 514 had from both on the ground, and in orbit. I saw what was already good about the concept as well as what wasn't working.

I stayed with it, learned it, listened to the game, the concept, and the ideal that was, and is, DUST 514. A truly immersive, persistent, MMOFPS that would endure for years.

Sadly, DUST 514 lost it's potential. But that does not mean it is gone. DUST 514 deserves to be equal to the upcoming Project Legion in FPS combat, if not in it's intrinsic MMO valuation. And Legion should push the boundaries of both the FPS Genre, the MMO Genre, and even the RTS Genre mixed in.

If elected to the CPM1, I will constantly strive (even as I do now) to ensure that DUST 514 is supported, and that Project Legion becomes the game we have all aspired to play. I will fight, with every fibre of my being, to have a Playstation 4 client as soon as possible after the release of Project Legion to bring the console player, left in the wake of a disappointing turn of events, back into the fold, without forcing them off their consoles.

When it comes to DUST 514, I will argue tooth and nail to get new assets as they are created for Legion. (Vehicle Parity and Weapons most especially) because the art department has already made them, why can't DUST have them too? DUST should be as good as Project Legion in it's core shooter principals. I want to remember the mistakes of the past, take from them the lessons learned, then leave the rest behind and focus on the future. Ensuring that we gain an immersive, persistent, and meaningful game into which we can give our time, effort, and patience.

For Project Legion, with any level of development input we are given, I will pour the collective Community's ideas into the pool. Giving CCP as many possible avenues to bring us the game we want so much to the fore.

Some of the things I will promise to fight for are:

Player Vs. Environment:
Something dear to many people's hearts. Player Versus Environment Play is an essential component in many First Person Shooters as a teacher, an aide, and something to do co-operatively with your friends as a break from constantly assaulting other players. In Massively Multiplayer Games, Player Versus Environment is used as a storyteller, a way to bring in income, and as above, something to do together as a group besides Player Versus Player.

Open World:
Giving us a deeper, more immersive Science Fiction play area, and the ability to explore, find those places that only a few select others will know about. This is, in my opinion, an essential component for immersion, persistence, and gameplay as a whole. With the ability to traverse the planets, security status from EVE transferred onto planetary bodies in order to facilitate the 'Player-driven' nature of New Eden.

Movement Options:
One of the most bandied about ideas on the forums. The idea of laying prone, grabbing ledges and pulling ourselves up, vaulting low-lying rails. The current mechanics of DUST 514 are wooden, and movement is false, and not nearly as fluid as would be required to immerse ourselves. Animations for getting into, and out of, vehicles. The ideal is about immersion, and the more immersion we have, the more we can lose ourselves in the game itself. Legion should have a great flow to it's movement.

While the side-grade Monetization for DUST is great as it stands, it runs out quickly as the only viable AURUM investment at later stages becomes boosters. Even Early game, Boosters are the #1 priority on most AURUM-holder's minds. In Legion, monetization should also come with Custom looks, patterns, and Paint Bucket Style colour designs. Everyone may run an Assault, but you run an Assault with Digital camouflage, of Red on Black... with custom Corp Decals on your chest plates. Even your HAV is decked out in the same pattern and colours.

Drones are an integral part of New Eden. Both as opponents, and as allies. Introducing Drones for Gameplay is another goal I would aspire to as a CPM Member. But also keeping them balanced so they are used as tactically and strategically as other weapons, armours, and vehicles.

The Planetary Conquest Dichotomy
Striving to not only have our own land, but to have a truly meaningful impact on New Eden in both EVE Online and even Valkyrie. I want to ensure a system that allows fighting, has no passive monetary gains, but has enough permanence that you can build an empire, and not see it crumble overnight while you sleep. Persistence is only persistent if gains mean something, you can build your own way, and set up defences to best protect your assets.

In-Game Name: The Black Jackal

Skype Name: BlackJackal76
Twitter: @Black_Jackal76
Email: the_black_jackal@hotmail.com.au

Gimble Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEiYHcyhZAo

Darth Jackal

The Southern Legion
#2 Posted: 2014.06.13 04:43  |  Edited by: The Black Jackal
Killar-12 wrote:
A few questions
In what ways would you wish to see the Connection between capsuleers and infantry expanded?

How high on your list of priorities is having dust able to perform a constant framrate of say 20 FPS?

Would you wish for the return of Corporation Battles or rather the introduction of Team Deploy for Factional warfare?

I'm sure to come up with more questions, but these seem to be ones that many people have so I put them here

Fairly simple set of questions, I'll endeavour to answer each.

Expansion of the EVE DUST link is something I've gone into in many ways, but most foremost of these was something akin to what they are doing with DUST-EVE now with Orbitals being available only via EVE Support. I'd like to see that expanded upon with regards to District Control -> Planetary Interaction Link for industrial minded EVE-ites, more ability to socialize with EVE Pilots (not being locked to a single 'Local' dependant on what race and bloodline you chose.)

ISK transfer. Though balancing issues for either side of the ISK transfer discussion are debatable, a conversion rate of EVE ISK and DUST ISK (to maintain relative equilibrium) to allow transfer.

EVE Manufacturing and DUST Manufacturing, with cross overs that allow additional items ONLY available by utilising both EVE and DUST inputs. Such as Advanced Vehicles, or Starship modules only attainable from DUST-gained materials and EVE-gained Materials combined.

My priority for a constant 20 FPS (preferably better), is high. Probably equal No. 1 with getting some new content with each 'major' update (the proverbial carrot). Being that I was heavily in PC since it's launch in Uprising, and FPS is the bane of many PC matches, either induced FPS issues (Equipment Spamming etc) or simply being out of 'sync'.

Team Deploy for Faction Warfare would be great, as would a return of the 'organized' Corporation Battles we had prior to Uprising, and I would like to see both implemented. However, should I be forced to chose 1 over the other, I would say Team Deploy for Factional Warfare would be higher (slightly) on my priority list.

KenKaniff69 wrote:
Was that you who appeared on Gimble's show a few times?

I appeared Once on Gimble's show, and unfortunately I was sick when I did.

I have also appeared on Podside alongside ZionShad, and other EVE-side personalities discussing the DUST 'phenomenon' and how it links, or will link, to EVE.

I've been an advocate for DUST since the early days of Closed Beta (Replication Build I started Playing) when we had the lovely designed, but really buggy) 2 stage battle.

Matobar wrote:
The Black Jackal wrote:

Player Vs. Environment:
Something dear to many people's hearts. Player Versus Environment Play is an essential component in many First Person Shooters as a teacher, an aide, and something to do co-operatively with your friends as a break from constantly assaulting other players. In Massively Multiplayer Games, Player Versus Environment is used as a storyteller, a way to bring in income, and as above, something to do together as a group besides Player Versus Player.

Drones are an integral part of New Eden. Both as opponents, and as allies. Introducing Drones for Gameplay is another goal I would aspire to as a CPM Member. But also keeping them balanced so they are used as tactically and strategically as other weapons, armours, and vehicles.

These points, more than your others, are what grabbed my attention in your platform. In particular, drones and drone-play have been a big dream of mine for DUST, especially considering that there are games out there that do drones very well, especially in the FPS market. What comes to mind now is Killzone 3 and its sequel, Killzone Shadowfall, as two examples of games with drones that mattered, were varied, and effective when used and felt good.

I'm curious to know more about your ideas for these points, and was wondering if you'd care to expand on them for me. Don't worry about walls of text, those are my specialty ;)

Back on the job, and inside my basement (figuratively speaking of course). With a keyboard at my finger tips, a slightly less pale complexion, and burnt to crisp across more parts of my body than I care to know of.

But here now, with answers to Matobar's very good questions that I want to expand upon, and show the community what I stand for.

Keep in mind, that I can only promise to bring the ideas, and/or thoughts of these, and other community ideas to CCP, and cannot promise ANY of them will be fulfilled, or if fulfilled, will function as stated here.

Tackling Drones as my first point, as they cross the threshold from PvE to PvP, we'll start with the PvP Variants that we can use ourselves.

First off, limiting them to an Equipment Slot. Each 'type' of drone takes up an equipment slot, and has a Cooldown to Use, and an 'Active Timer' for time it's up. SO they are temporary, and not everlasting.

'Battle Drone' - Has what would be the equivalent of an Assault Rifle (based varying on Race) that will fire on any hostile that comes close. It has shields, armor, but both are relatively weak and it has little to no evasive capabilities, it's programming limiting it to a tethered 'location' beacon that is set down by the player, and it will seek to engage the 'highest' threat in the area (pretty much the closest target within it's range until it is either dead, or leaves it's field of fire.

'Triage Drone' - Again, tethered to an area, this drone will choose the 'most damaged' ally in the area and attempt to repair their armor or shields (dependant on drone race and type). It does only 1 ally at a time, low hp, easily detected, is less effective than a repair tool, will not heal vehicles, and lasts for only a short time - roughly 15 seconds.

Darth Jackal

The Southern Legion
#3 Posted: 2014.06.13 04:56
'Revival Drone' - Intended as a replacement, or aid for the Nanite Injector, this Drone can revive a player that is in line of sight of the user, up to 30m away. It has an internal CD, can be destroyed, and revives with 50% at most.

These are only ideas of the method in which I see drones being instated, not the specific drones themselves. Single Use, or Timed Use, with Cool Downs that moderate their use to the correct situations. Note: That Drones destroyed become unavailable to that player until they re-suit by either death, or at a Supply Depot.

And Each player is limited to 1 Drone equipped at a time. You cannot run both a triage AND a revive drone on the same suit.

Onto the next topic. PvE.

Now PvE runs a whole gamut of possibilities, from epic campaigns to baseline tutorials teaching people how to play. ANd being realististic, we cannot expect to go from no PvE to epic-scale PvE in a few short patch periods. What we can ask for is a roadmap outlining PvE progression, from the baseline tutorial series, to Swarm Mode PvE (with varying hostiles inclusive of Drones, Sansha's Cyber Zombies, even simple pirates, or hostile Empire Forces from Gallente, Caldari, Amarr, and Minmatar.

What I, and others that I have spoken extensively too, would like to see as a 'base' PvE are the above mentioned Tutorials and Swarm / Survival Mode PvE.

The benefits of these on the community are huge, but in terms of development, they can be even more helpful. People who know how to play the game from the outset will know HOW to play the game and be more mindful of what is not working to help the devs with, and swarm mode AI behaviours can be altered in a 'test-like' environment to be more suited. Say if the Sansha's Cyber Zombine Survival Mode is beaten practically every time it's run, even by Militia-geared newbies, while the Amarr Paladin Invasion scenario never gets above wave 5 with a full proto group, balancing can be determined there.

After Swarm and Tutorials, more involved PvE would be nice, but as a stepping stone, these would be a nice place to start.

Thank you for asking these questions, and I am more than happy to field more as they come.

Naedeus wrote:
Are you for or against respec's after new suits/vehicles/weapons come out?

With regards to respecs, I am for at least 1 more when all the racial variants of suits / weapons are released at a baseline. (Not when they are 'complete) as I hope evcen after the fact, more weapons and variants will be released on top of the baseline.

A game should be ever evolving if it's to have the life that it's counterpart EVE Online has. Namely they add ships in like Destroyers and Battlecruisers, but prior to this the game was built on a solid foundation across each race. This is the same I'd like to see in DUST. a base-level of established weaponry and suits across the board, with a big full respec after this baseline is set, but no more after that, as from that point on, it is adding onto a solid foundation.
Bear D'Grassi wrote:
This what grabbed my eye in your thread Black,

"Keep in mind, that I can only promise to bring the ideas, and/or thoughts of these, and other community ideas to CCP, and cannot promise ANY of them will be fulfilled, or if fulfilled, will function as stated here."

You appear to have a good idea of the limitations the CPM will have. I love the ideas you introduce in your O.P but as you state there for instance under Open World;

" this has to be an eventual goal for DUST 514 to strive for"

Much of what you mention are indeed things I would like to see in game however they are things more likely to be dealt with CPM 2 or CPM 3 and that's being optimistic. PVE for instance will not be with us anytime soon, there is no point until it is able to offer decent rewards which would require some sort of link between the markets of EVE and Dust.

For me at least, selecting a candidate for the first elected CPM will primarily involve finding out where they stand on issues that can truly be worked on during their term and secondly on things they can initiate for CCP to continue working on during future iterations of the council. You are therefore strong in the secondary aspect but not so much in the first to me.

What you quoted above is exactly what you've asked for as a primary attribute. Understanding the limitations is something I've gotten from long talks with EVE CSM members, as well as DUST CPM members. But as to what you can work on in 'their term' as a CPM, that is actually decided mostly by CCP with CPM input.

You can not push for enhancements to PvP Game Modes, if they decide that it is time to work on PvE. In a perfect world, they could do both, and likely one or two secondary things that get some attention each update.

I go into this election / selection with the thought that laying the foundation for the large milestones will be the most I can comfortably accomplish unless CCP decides to dedicate themselves to one or the other goals for the entire term.

I believe in a future for DUST. I have since even before it's release. As an EVE Player, I was enamoured of what DUST could be, and I still have those ideals intact. They will not prevent me working on what is required, but will enhance my ability to help CCP with their own ideas of moving forward.

Darth Jackal

The Southern Legion
#4 Posted: 2014.06.13 04:57
Matobar wrote:
I'm so glad you took the time to respond to my questions Jackal. If you wouldn't mind, I have another.

You mentioned in your OP that you have a degree related to games and game production. Can you elaborate on this, and on how you feel it would make you an asset for the CPM?

Not sure where I mentioned having a degree in Games Development. In other threads I have mentioned I am undertaking Games Development Courses, hoping to gain a degree in the near future, and that is what is going on in my background atm. If I have stated that I have a degree in some statement, I offer my apologies, but I only recall saying that I was studying one.

However, onto the meat of the text. You want to know how this would help with my position in the CPM.

Knowing the platform to some extent on which CCP is working (this being the Unreal 3 Game Engine) can allow me to moderate my ideas based on my knowledge on the engine itself. I would know it's limitations, and what it could do. Even with modifications that CCP has made to it, the core engine is still Unreal Engine.

It also allows me to act as an initial filter for ideas, that while great in their concept, may not be possible with the current technological limitations. I wouldn't abandon those ideas, but simply shunt them onto a secondary list as either future projects, or a wish list that CCP (renown for sometimes doing the 'impossible' in games design) may be able to bring to life much sooner than I would think.

As always, I'm glad that these questions have been asked, and should any more come forward, I will be happy to answer them!

Jaysyn Larrisen wrote:

Excellent campaign thread. I find your ideas reference the addtion of drones to be very interesting and frankly might open up numerous revolutionary changes in how we currently play. The fact that if drone tech is introduced that clearly supplies some assistance in developing PVE structure is a nice bonus.

I've got my standard candidate questions below but would mind offering a bit of background data on yourself such as age, nationality, region you live, student or professional?

I've seen you on the field several times we've had a couple good matches, good luck.

A few questions for you (same as I pose to all candidates):

1) Other than the forums how do you intend to collect and communicate requests, needs, POV of the community? In particular, those outside your corp / alliance.

2) What level of interaction would you like to establish between the CPM and CSM?

3) What are the top 3 short term (next 2mo's) changes you would encourage CCP to make? I'm looking for concrete examples that are realistic to achieve.

4) What are the top 3 mid term (next 6mo's) changes you would encourage CCP to make?

5) In Spring of 2015, when CPM1's term is up, what would you want people to have said about your tenure as a CPM member?

6) Will you be creating a channel for folks to meet and sqd with you during the period before the election?

Thank you for your time.

Another excellent set of questions.

First off, you asked for a general background on me. I'm 31 years old, I live is Australia, I've done many jobs in my lifetime to date, from Construction, Retail, Food Prep etc. to doing Private Techwork on computers. Currently, however, I am between jobs and enjoying being a Stay at Home Dad with my 2 young boys 5 and 3 respectively) the 5 year old already plays DUST after seeing me playing it so much... even has his own PS3 now so he doesn't destroy what little KDR I have.

Currently undertaking courses leading up to Games Development in my free time (when I'm not playing DUST / EVE, and looking after my boys. Once they both hit the age where they can go to school for the entire day (1 starts this year) I will be going back to study full time to mop up any modules that I haven't got completed to get my course finished.

1.) As to addressing the communicative needs outside of the forums, I bow to the experience of current CPM member and former CSM member Hans here. He has created Skype Channels to discuss the various topics at hand, and I would do a similar thing, on top of keeping an open channel in game for people, and joining random squads listed in the squad finder (I do this even now). Some of the best ideas for the game, especially pertaining to 'the moment-to-moment gameplay' come from random people in battle. Because they are experiencing the issues as they speak, and little bits of information come out frequently from this.

2.) Interaction between the CPM and CSM should be as if they are the same entity, just looking at the universe they represent from two different viewpoints. In my opinion, they are two sides of the same coin, and prior to CPM0 being established, I lobbied to have a DUST representative on the CSM, rather than a council for DUST alone.

That having been said, the CPM turned out great, and now we have twice as many people working toward making New Eden a 'nice' place to live.

3.) Top Short term goals. That's a tough question. One that is tough only because about 101 things come to mind that could be done, and would benefit the game.

- Get the FPS / Latency within tolerable levels. Probably #1 on almost everyone's list, especially those who play in Faction Warfare, and Planetary Conquest. Comparatively speaking there have been some good improvements in this area over the course of 'Closed Beta' and Open Beta, and Release Timetables, a little more tweaking could potentially see this being a 'Former Issue'.

Darth Jackal

The Southern Legion
#5 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:00
- Make all roles relevant again. This is again, another tweaking thread. Something akin to making Logistics more inlclined to logistics, rather than equivalent to Assaults, as well as making people who haven't got alot of things to do once a match is underway (like Transport Dropship Pilots) due to other equipment, (case in point ins the Drop Uplink making a transport doing sucessive runs for troops, pointless, and time wasted when a few uplinks would do the job 'better'.

- My third is getting some kind of Player Trading underway. This may fall into both short and mid term goals, but it's something I'd like to see get going before the 2 month mark is met. I'm not talking 'Open Market' here.. as that would be a much longer-term goal (possibly taking an entire term or more to fulfill) but player to player trade would be a bitg step toward that.

You'll note Most of this is tweaks and adjustments. Over the course of a two month period (unless they have been working on it for several months before hand) I would not expect any major changes made to the current system that DUST 514 has established.

4.) Mid term goals are much easier to go over, as now I could probably list several hundred.

- Separating Planetary Conquest, Faction Warfare, and Public Matches to give each a distinct flavor. Currently Each of these (aside from Ambush Mode and Domination in Public Matches) are the same thing. It's a Skirmish. The only difference being what and/or who you face. Whether you face a team full of randoms that haven't got cohesion, or you face a full team, organised, and ready to roll with pre-determined plans of attack/defence. I'd like to see a return of the two-stage maps we have during early closed beta.

Darth Jackal

The Southern Legion
#6 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:01
KAGEHOSHI Horned Wolf wrote:
What are your thoughts on dropsuit tiercide? (thread here)
  • Only 2 tiers, MLT and STD.
  • MLT basic frames equivalent to the current ADV basic frames.
  • STD basic frames equivalent to the current PRO basic frames.
  • STD specialized dropsuits (assault, logi, sentinel, commando, scout) equivalent to the current PRO specialized dropsuits.
  • Main incentive to spend SP in a specialization skill past level 1 should be the skill bonus. On a related note, basic frame skills need a bonus that applies to all suits of a racial frame (like Amarr medium skill gives bonus to Amarr basic medium, assault, and logi) to justify having 5 levels.

  • What are your thoughts on making basic frames have a purpose? (thread here)
  • They cost more than specialized suits despite being inferior, so you can't even use them as a money-saving alternative (which is odd because basic vehicles cost less compared to specialized ones).
  • Specialist suits are not really specialized if they're basically copy and pasted generalist suits with bonuses slapped on (basic mediums to assaults, basic heavies to sentinels). Generalist suits provide a way to est drive one specialization's role, but not another's; for example, the basic medium lets you test-drive the assault role in a way, but not logi. Basically the basic frames are nt generalized enough for specialized suits to be truly specialized by comparison.

  • My proposed solutions.
  • They need a price cut, they should be at least 10% cheaper than their specialized counterpart, they should be the cheaper alternative to specialize suits.
  • They should be very generalized and versatile in slot layouts compared to their specialist counterparts, like a middle ground between the specializations of the suits; this could be done by altering the basic frames (like medium basics get a 2nd equipment slot and lose a module slot in exchange for removing a high slot or something). This would let players try out more roles before deciding what to specialize into.

  • What are your thoughts on game modes, and how big a priority they need to be?
  • All our modes are currently simple generic game modes, with no design creativity like the original Skirmish 1.0. We need interesting modes with complexity, attack/defend, and multiple stages. (my ideas here, posted in someone else's thread)
  • Ambush is broken, and has ALWAYS been broken since the dawn of Dust. Its about time we abandoned the idea of "random" spawns, and use defended spawn bases; our spawn points are very predictable anyway so they're already like that anyway. (thread)
  • Domination is not only not unique enough compared to Skirmish, its also boringly one-sided, the team that gets the objective first and spams the most uplinks generally wins. The objective needs to cycle to various spots on the map to keep things interesting, and to give the losing team a chance. (thread)
  • PVE, I want it. PVPVE would also be nice (2 human teams, and 1 rogue drone team fight for control of an outpost, drones can take back objectives)

  • What are your thoughts on the new player experience, and how to improve it?
  • PVE?
  • Gameplay tutorial for shooting, hacking, squad orders, calling strikes, calling in vehicles, recalling, using equipment, vevicle modules, etc?
  • Academy graduation requirements?
  • Tiercide?

  • What are you thoughts on elevating Dust's beyond that of a basic shooter, and daring to do crazy cool things? and how big a priority it should be?
  • Fun crazy equipment? (example, not my idea)
  • Fun crazy installations? (example)
  • Fun crazy scifi environments? exotic planet types? alien vegetation (not necessarily green, should depend on star type and light received)? shipboading (EVE player ship, or NPC ships)? 0 gravity with thruster packs?
  • Expanding the MMO aspects? Walking stations where both EVE and Dust players can hang out?

  • I would like to hear your thoughts on these things.

    Quite a laundry list there, and some burning questions to answer.

    First cab off the rank a Suit 'tiericide'. I can't think of any reason not to have it? I think the idea itself is wonderful. An EVE-style System where the 'basic frame' gets a Skill Bonus per level (as stated to justify having 5 levels of skill) with a specialist suit on top which has an added, or 2 different bonuses to be compatable with it's role (I say sometimes different since something like a Pilot Suit would not require sensor dampening but would benefit from perhaps 2 bonuses to the vehicle they are driving, while a Light Frame would still like to have a dampenng or 'scout-like' bonus).

    The first and second bonuses on the specialized suits would be based on BOTH of the Suit Skills (Frame and Specialized Suits) to get maximum benefit, giving people incentive to actually attain those suits.

    Under this system, however, we may as well ditch Militia altogether for suits. If you have Level 1 in the suit, you could use the 'Basic Suit' much as you can in EVE with a Frigate, or Cruiser, or above, but you wont use it as well as someone who has 5 levels into the skill.

    Now, as per previous statement in this thread, I have some familiarity with Unreal, and it seems that though this may be possible, I don't know what (or how much) CCP has modified the engine to get the results they have.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #7 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:02
    They have mentioned that they use a Tag system, which may limit how this could be implemented. So although I completely agree with the idea, and would definetly represent the idea as it would also iron out some of the suit imbalances (Proto-Stompers etc) I cannot guarantee that CCP would be incvlined to do it, or would consider doing it if it required a rewrite of the basic code, which would be very time consuming.

    The basic Frames having a purpose is also tied into the above. They are the 'base level' that require only Skills in the Frame to use. The second part of the proposed idea would be that in addition to the Suit Skill, the Specialist Variants would require additional skills to wear the suits.
    For example:
    Caldari Medium Suit
    - Caldari Medium Suit I

    Caldari Assault Suit (To Learn Skill)
    - Caldari Medium Suit III
    - Shield Upgrades III
    - Shield Extension III

    These levels would be relatively easy to achieve, give you an idea how the suit is 'designed' to be played (thus helping newer players with a built-in guide) and on top of that, would mean that just wearing the suit doesn't mean you've mastered it. Since you still have SP to put into the Basic Suit, as well as the Assault Suit to be 'the best' you canbe using it, there is more incentive to do so.

    Game Modes:
    This is something I have gone on about. More Game Modes would be great, and something I would hope to see in my term as a CPM. Including 'classic' Modes such as Capture the Flag, I would also like to see a return of the multi-stage maps. Similar in effect to a Battlefield 'Rush' Mode in terms of gameplay, but with varying 'possibly randomized' objectives to progress through each 'stage'.

    Skirmish 1.0 Back in Replication had two separate objectives in the two areas. The First was to destroy 2 Defence Relays in the awesome Canyon Map Design (where did that go CCP?) which could be accomplished by either hacking or by destroying them with vehicle weapons (giving HAV's a purpose in the initial stages of the assault beyond being 'better slayers').

    The second stage had what is now Skirmish designed objective, with a slight skew towards the defenders as they had no MCC, the hacked cannons would simply turn off, and when rehacked, turn back on again. Much more complete feel to the map and game mode back then, and I would defeinelty be pushing for more Game Modes in addition to these two.

    Possibly even borrowing a page from a few other games and having multi-mission matches, where the objectives will change 5 times during a match (from Skirmish, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Some kind of Hacking Mode, and a Resource Gain Mode) with each mission won or lost individually and a best of 3 system instituted. The Game Modes are chosen at Random during the match.

    As to priority, I'd say after the content is 'base level achieved' (which looks to be happeneing relatively soon-ish with suits at least) it should be close to number 1. I don't generally rank 'bug and glitch fixing' in my priorities, as they are something that will always be happening, no matter what and are a natural part of any game development you add something, or take something out, and you'll have chances of introducing bugs and/or glitches which need to be fixed ASAP.

    PvE is something I know myself, and probably thousands more, have urged CCP to get in in some form. But as has been stated before, PvE content is extremely time-consuming to make it halfway decent, and to make it as good as we all want... it would take dedicated team effort across the board for a long period of time.

    I'm confident we will see PvE at some stage, but there are many things that need to be done before you can pave the way for that.

    New Player Experience:
    Again, this ties into the top 2 (or how ever much I've written) answers. a PvE Tutorial (though I despise comparative nature, the Planetside 2 Tutorials style where the player goes through how to do everything they'll likely need to do in a progressive style is one example of a non-PvE or PvP Tutorial) along with a fairly lengthy Academy stay to keep them in a comfort zone for around 1-3 days for hardcore players and possible a week for much more casual players so they can find what they want to do.

    As a revised Academy Mode also, all modules should be available to them for usage while in the Academy as if they had Max Skills (not requiring them to spend SP earned during their Academy Time) so they can fully appreciate what each and every suit / class has to offer. This 'all-open access' would be revoked as soon as they graduated.

    There should also be some indication of how close you are to graduating, so that you can realise if you haven't tried something out yet, you may want to do so soon.

    You're last question is something the CPM and many others know me for. I'm a font of ideas on what could be done, what would elevate this beyond the common FPS, and turning small ideas into grand schemes. I'm a bit of a dreamer, but temper my expectations and ideas with real world issues.

    Equipment is something that needs to be expanded upon, from Drones to something like that Inertial Capacitor (reminds me of the MicroJump Drive they just put into EVE recently). The choices at the moment are limited.. and further limited by actual usefulness. Injectors are run by few people these days, whereas Uplinks and Nanohives are practically 'Standard' Equipment.
    Installations are something I want to see boom. And I mean BOOM. Especially in the Deployables area. The ability to drop Deployable turrets, shield generators, etc.etc (seriously the list could go on from my perspective), and could actually be used to limit vehile use without 'limiting' vehicle use.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #8 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:03
    Crazy Idea, but here it is (Keep in Mind this would only be for more organised Team Play)

    You spawn into battle, but to bring down RDV you need a 'Landing Pad' to deliver your vehicles. The Landing Pad requires CPU and PG, so you must drop a Command Centre, then a Power Reactor (provides Power Grid), and Mainframe Add-On to your Command Centre (Must be dropped within certain area and automatically links up to the Command Centre and provides CPU). Then you drop a Landing Pad. This links up as well, with powerlines across the surface to the Command Centre, which is hooked into the Mainframe and Power Reactor.

    Now you can call in Vehicles, but you've had to build a small Base to Support it.

    What does this do? Well first off it stops immediate 'VEHICLE RUSH' tactics in organized play, reducing the speed at which you can get in. It also gives immersion, as you have just built a 'forward base'.

    It also gives the enemy a chance to interupt your vehicle supply. (And another role for HAVs). The ability to destroy your infrastructure and prevent you bringing in any more vehicles until it's repaired or replaced (Logistics with Repair Tools would start to make a good 'Base Engineer').

    It also brings into view another possibility to add on top of gameplay. Deployed 'Null Cannons' and MCC Guardians. This is an idea I spit balled around alot, with the ability (within the above infrastructure) to deploy up to (but no more than) three 'Conquest Instalations' which are either a non-mobile artillery unit that targets the hostile MCC, or a Shield that prevents some incoming Damage to your MCC.

    The weights and balances aside, if each Artillery = 1 Null Cannon, and each Shield Prevents the damage from 1 Null Cannon, in addition to the null cannons already in the facility, you could have strong strategies and battles that will last quite a bit longer, with new things for HAV's to do (destroy hostile infrastructure, and defend allied infrastructure.

    That enough on the 'Installations' for now, but it's fair to say that I have high hopes for the future of this game.

    Different Planet Types / Vegetation. I can see being a great idea, but I have to say without intense work, anything but a change in the texture and lighting would require a fair bit of work (especially differing vegetation from planet to planet). As each element would have to be made to look different, have a theme and be packaged. So the number of packages would determine the variety, and each package could take a while to create.
    As an example, we take the Temperate Planets first, you create 5 different packages (Rocky Sparse Vegetation, Swamp Vegetation, Temperate Vegetation (say Summer USA-like), Tropical Vegetation, and Arctic Vegetation (Greenland and Canada-like).
    Now you apply each of those packages to different areas of each planet and then you have consistency. If District 3 on Oddelulf is Temperate Vegatation, then it MUST be the same next time, or you lose immersion. If it suddenly became a Swamp, well.. you can imagine.
    Moving that idea to something like a barren or Ice Planet is relatively simple (they really would have 1 package each) you'd have to create new ones, however, for Plasma, Storm, Gas (floating platforms or something), and Oceanic (Floating again, or Underwater Cities with Surface Elevators).

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that the ideas I, or anyone else for that matter have, are limitless. But the work to create each one may be much more than we'd like in one shot and probably should be released slowly with an overall stabilization of what environment is what as each one is introduced.

    That bein said, I would absolutely ADORE being able to explore, conquer, and fight on different planets with different vegetation and I will advocate this ideal as a CPM as much as the above ideas.

    The MMO Environment
    I've given this it's own sub-heading becasue this is something that most FPS's lack. And at the moment, aside from the ability to form Corporations and type in social channels, is still lacking to some degree. It ties in with all of the above, as well as customization, Open World, PvE... everything should have the capacity to be incorpoarated into a PvE element.

    The first thing that I see as a barrier to MMO impplementation in stations in the NeoComm. It's useful, yes, but what good is being able to walk around a station when most mercs will likely just access everything they need from the NeoComm. The Station would be additional backdrop to... nothing in effect as the current quarters (though somewhat functional) are little more than a fancy Lobby.

    Removal of the NeoComm coupled with the ability to walk around stations means that you can walk out, go to a Warbarge Docking Port to get into your fights (Warbarge could have where the next fight is glowing above the Entrance), as well as show off your cool armour.

    This would all have to come with the ability to RUN in stations as well, or it would simply be a chore to run all over to do your stuff.

    I could go on for hours, (or pages) with these questions, but I'll stop myself here for now as I'm sure the above wall of text will absorb most people for a short while. Thankyou for reading this, and as always, thankyou for your questions and I look forward to answering many more in the upcoming days / weeks / months.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #9 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:03
    Hammerhead LandSharkX wrote:
    The Black Jackal, you touched on some of these in reply to kagehoshi and others but I'd like a more direct answer.

    Bear wrote:
    "PVE for instance will not be with us anytime soon, there is no point until it is able to offer decent rewards which would require some sort of link between the markets of EVE and Dust."

    -do you agree/accept that PVE will not be with us soon enough to warrant efforts/attention in?
    -do you agree there is no point to PVE without a linked market with eve/dust?

    you replied :
    "You can not push for enhancements to PvP Game Modes, if they decide that it is time to work on PvE. In a perfect world, they could do both, and likely one or two secondary things that get some attention each update...
    ...I go into this election / selection with the thought that laying the foundation for the large milestones will be the most I can comfortably accomplish unless CCP decides to dedicate themselves to one or the other goals for the entire term."

    -If people within ccp asked your opinion on which they should focus on (improving pvp or developing pve) which would you lean towards if you/they could only choose one.

    Nice questions.

    Firstly, I do not agree that PvE shouldn't be focused on at some time during the CPM1. It's a hugely asked for feature, it would enhance New Player Experience, higher player base retention and a host of other things. The fact that it may take a while is just evidence that "The Sooner we get started, the sooner we'll have it." If we don't start on it, it will be even longer in coming.

    Secondly. A 'linked' market is not required for PvE. Why would it be? If the rewards are ISK and Skill Point based, then there is absolutely no need to have an Open, linked Market with EVE, or even internally within DUST. Open Markets support the purchase of goods sold by others. How does running a PvE 'mission' tie in with that? The only way it would is of the 'major part' of the mission reward was a random Loot Item.

    Onto your third set of questions.
    Being that New Player Retention is key for the future development in my eyes. I would ask them to focus more on PvE than PvP should they ask that question. PvE would solve a fair few issues, such as New Player Experience, an alternative to being proto-stomped or HAV stomped (I'm a Tanker and I know how much you can stomp people in HAVs). As well as giving some of the 'MMO' that is so often advertised in the game's description as an MMOFPS.
    Enhancing the PvP experience would keep the 'higher ups' in the player base a bit happier but catering to the newer players has greater, and more long term benefits at this stage of development.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #10 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:04
    Jaysyn Larrisen wrote:
    I posed the question below to some of the recent candidates and thought I would pose it to you and some of the earlier people that have put their names forth for CPM.

    I have often considered that it would be very beneficial for the CPM if one of the members WASN'T an elite player, Beta vet, or corp leader. The vast majority of players don't fall into those categories and I sometimes wonder if we would be well served by having a quality person with a fresher look or still struggling through the SP climb with minimal ISK...basically the average player.

    I have noticed the majority of the candidates are leaders in elite corps (I.e. the upper 10%) and some have deserved reputations as outstanding or even elite level solo players. This is not a bad thing...however, it begs the question of how you and some of the other candidates will represent the majority of players not in your level of corp or skill.

    Much of the conversation in the forums relates to the disparity in ISK, PC, general opportunities between the small upper tier and everyone else. Can you please elaborate on how you intend to represent the rest of the community, i.e. the other 90%? How we will know you aren't soley shaping things for the elites?

    You will know if you managed to see my KDR.

    My KDR is 'above average' but nothing to go oooo or ahhh about. But it's not elite. I would represent the 'average' player when it comes to gameplay, ISK income, and general feel of the game as compared to elite-level players. I have competed in DUST tournaments and done well, but far from elite.

    I also represent the 'planners'. Those who may not have great in-game skills, but have ideas on running the corporations, the tournaments, the game mechanics, and have put those ideas into effect.

    I am, however, a Beta Vet. Yet those days are behind us. The game from now until then, has changed so much that it could almost be considered a new game in itself. The gameplay and assets may have remained similar, but fundamentally changed. I plan to go where CCP wants to take us, and help them do that. Not force a return to the 'glory days' of closed beta.

    As also put forward, I also led a corporation. But since retired from that position. But this allows me to give a perspective view on both sides of the coin. Being a leader, or a follower, give two different ideals that show us how we feel about any particular situation.

    Other than being around for a long time, and leading a moderately successful corporation, I am the Average Player.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #11 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:06
    Had a question asked of me today that brought to mind the reasons why I want to represent DUST 514 on the CPM.

    Why, after everything you know, and what's been hinted at, knowing the pain and pressure, and etc that you will endure being in the CPM1 why would you still consider running?

    I was going to shrug it off, and answer it in a flippant way, but it hit a chord in me, and that chord fuelled the fire that I have for DUST, EVE, and New Eden anew.

    I want to run because, despite the pressure and hate, and flaming, and everything negative that comes along with the job, I believe that I can do the job. And that I can do it well.

    Sure, I have ideas of my own, and I see those reflected in everyone's ideas. I see a collated scope of what people want, and I try to come up with ideas that fit with what they want. Working both within, and outside the structure we have at the moment. And I believe that with the CPM1, a new legacy of DUST can be created. Something we can be proud to say we play, something that will stand out amidst the crowd, and not be just a generic First person Shooter like so many others.

    We deserve a game that lives up to, and exceeds the hype that has been generated around DUST 514. And I believe the community, as well as it's interaction with CCP is the key to doing that. I believe that everyone who truly cares can have a say in what is done, how the game itself is shaped, and how the citizens of DUST 514 will affect the Capsuleers of EVE Online.

    The CPM0 has gone above and beyond what they were originally asked to do, and we should be ever grateful to them for what they have done, and done so very well. Now it is our turn to select someone to represent us. People who have a passion, and a unwavering resolve to make the game better.

    My own dedication to DUST 514 began the first time I set eyes upon the mere concept. The trailer of 2009 further pushed my fervour, and the later years until I gained a spot in the closed beta 'Replication' build only increased my dedication to making DUST a part of New Eden. Even now, in the aftermath that we call Uprising, I remain strong in my belief that DUST should stand as an equal in New Eden, not a side project.

    I, and my fellow candidates, want this more than anything. We want stories told of NEW EDEN, and not just EVE Online. We want DUST to inspire stories of it's own, of epic battles and conquests.

    So when the time comes to vote for the CPM1, the first player-elected CPM, be sure you cast your votes. Whether for me, or any of my fellow candidates, because EVERY vote counts. EVERY vote is another person willing to put something into the game that we want so badly to succeed, and thrive.

    The time is coming that the Dusters of New Eden WILL have their say.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #12 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:09  |  Edited by: The Black Jackal
    Matobar wrote:
    Hey Jackal.

    Since it's been a few days and Fanfest is essentially over, would you care to summarize your feelings on the situation and how you plan to move forward knowing the reveal?

    Also, would you like to comment on the way the current CPM handled/was involved in the current situation, and what you would have done, differently or otherwise?

    Indeed. This is a most welcome question (or series thereof).

    My feelings are mixed. While It was clear that PS3 was never going to achieve the DUST 514 we were promised, the way the situation was handled was atrocious. Follow-up round tables, interviews, and other statements somewhat mollified the community, but the lack of actual commitment to DUST 514 and re-presenting a console version for those who do not game on PCs is troubling.

    Ever the eternal optimist, I went down the list of what can happen with Project Legion. There's the ability to simply do more, the ability to merge EVE, Legion, and Valkyrie into a single entity (hinted at by some devs) and create a true mega-game that many people have envisioned. The PC, at the very least, will allow Legion to:

    - Support Greater numbers of combatants, more effects, and allow much more play when it comes to doing stuff in, and for the game.

    - Allow faster updates without the use of the PSN. Whether it was Sony quality controls, or Coding submissions, the update process of DUST 514 was hampered by this, and it showed. Without that added barrier(s), development, hotfixes, and updates should be able to come more frequently.

    - As an Australian, (possibly representing other regions that Sony sets prices to), it also means that we are more likely to pay on par with other countries with CCP setting the prices and not submitting them to Sony who sets their own regional prices. This is something I can stand behind and support fully.


    I also look at the flip side. How much damage this has, and will cause.

    Abandoning the DUST 514 franchise (a move I'm assuming was due to legal limitations) and rebuilding a 'rebranded' DUST 514 as 'Legion' on PC has left a lot of Console Gamers devastated. I know many people who play DUST 514 and play it only due to it being console. they aren't PC Gamers, and don't want to be. They enjoy sitting back in a living room playing console games from their lounges, and not sitting at a desk.

    Thee could be appeased, however, if CCP would commit to a planned PS4 client. Console Gamers are more likely to upgrade their console than purchase a brand new PC to play this game. Even a commitment to see if it is possible to dual launch both. The fact is, in the DUST 514 Keynote, DUST was sidelined, and everyone knew it. You may as well have called it 'Legion' Keynote, and forgot to mention DUST 514 at all.

    As to the CPM's handling and/or involvement in the situation. I believe they are even now yelling and screaming at Rouge for his handling of the situation, arguing for various recompenses, and such. They would have counselled CCP about their move, and are probably saying 'we told you so' as we speak. Hopefully during the summit they will be able to provide information on what they did, how they reacted, and hopefully, what can be done to help DUST 514 players in the near future.

    I would have likely done the same thing, feeling bittersweet about the move.

    As a final note...

    Some of my whacky, out there ideas and outlines don't seem so outlandish or impossible anymore. However, if I were to be elected (asuming we still have elections or an electorate to vote us in) I would be pushing for as many features developed for Legion to be integrated into DUST 514 as possible. I would demand they keep DUST 514 on more than simply life support and make it a better game UNTIL Legion is released.

    I would also be pushing for Legion to be released on PS4 as well, and allow free transfer upon release to whichever platform you choose.

    SponkSponkSponk wrote:

    Assuming that developer resources for Dust will be constrained for the next 12 months (with a bit of wiggle room for stuff that can be cross-developed for Legion), what do you consider to be the low-hanging fruit of achievable improvements we could ask for?

    This is an excellent, yet loaded question.

    It would all depend on how much 'wiggle room' the developers have to play with, and whether that could be devoted to cross-overs.
    Primarily i would expect assets and their related mechanics.
    If they develop Amarr and Minmatar Vehicles, I would expect to see them in DUST 514 since assets are more easily transferred, and the math behind vehicle mechanics would be relatively easy to shift over. Similarly with weapons.

    Assets such as fighters, MTACs, and other things we dont have set mechanics or easily adjusted mechanics for, I wouldn't expect to see. This doesn't include things like MAVs, however, as the driving mechanic is already established, as well as either fighting and/or transport mechanics.

    I wouldn't expect any true graphical updates... it'd be window dressing at best, and would expect some mechanics to be implemented to test-bed them. If anything, I hope they use DUST 514 as a pre-beta test-bed now. That way we can get alot of the features that need testing done as if DUSST 514 were a 'test server' prior to Legion Beta Release.

    It would also ease any transition if / when we are allowed to transfer characters into Legion. As well as giving them a pool of 'vets' who can do similar things in Legion as have been in DUST, such as Universities, training, mentors, and so on.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #13 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:11
    It's taken me a while, but I have sorted through so many e-mails send to my public account that I have come up with a laundry list of player concerns. Running the gauntlet from simple numerical changes to outright dreams of grandeur for Legion. For every serious mail, of course, ther have been multiple trolls and some abusive emails. But thankfully spam filter takes care of those.
    Whoever signed me up for the 'Enlargements' however... thankyou, but no thanks.

    On to business.

    What do you see being done with DUST? Do you think it would be beneficial to run both games side-by-side once Legion is launched?

    This is a tricky question, as I myself are of two minds about this. Diverting resources to DUST 514 will slow development of Legion, but not diverting resources will destroy what little player base they have left. What i see being done, however, is that DUST could be used as a test bed for combative gameplay elements, such as weapons, vehicles, and balancing with all the information fed into Legion to produce a much more workable game upon it's release. This includes racial vehicle parity and weapon parity.

    As to how long DUST should run concurrently alongside Legion. This answer is 'until Legion comes to PS4'. This, in my opinion, is of paramount importance to the console-based players who either a) don't have a PC or b) don't want to play Legion on PC over other F2P FPS PC titles. Getting Legion onto PS4 needs to happen before DUST 514 is even started to be phased out.

    Note to the writer: Yes. It's quite possible that 514 may become known as how many days the game survives after launch. But having it last even another 100 - 200 days will require effort on behalf of the Community, CPM, and CCP.

    What innovations would you like to see in Faction Warfare when it comes to Legion? How do you believe Faction warfare should be handled in Legion?

    A topic near and dear to my heart. Faction Warfare is a continual war. Fought by mercenaries, who are in it for profit. Or nationalist Immortals who simply want their faction to dominate. The crux, is that with a virtually unlimited supply of clones, Faction Warfare should be an endless warzone.

    In an instanced battle, this could mean progression district hopping based on geography (conquer district 1, jump immediately (with an intermission) to district 2, fight there, win, move to district 3, lose there, get pushed back to district 2). Either way, the flow would continue.

    In an Open World environment (similar to Planetside 2 in 'some' respects) this would be constant open field warfare back and forth. Each District is a huge multi-stage battle that ends with conquering and taking control of the 'gates' so you can then invade other districts. These gates are the key to moving around, and you incorporate Player Vs. Environment into the very fabric with 'spawn sites' of hostile or pirate forces within the zones themselves.
    Either way, Faction Warfare in Legion needs to be shown as constant, consistent, unending warfare.

    You once stood for Movement Options Allowing mercenaries to be more than wooden dolls and be able to vault rails, use cover, grab ledges, and so on. Do you still stand for this?

    Hell yes. The inability to vault ledges, use cover, slide, grab ledges, and even go prone makes the game wooden and makes us feel less immersed in the game world. Coupled with animations for mounting and dismounting vehicles, this is near the very top of my list to have put into Legion.

    I would even hazard an open 'flatbed' style of Dropship where you aren't assigned specific seats unless you are on a gun. Allowing people to sit in dropships and use weapons as if they are on the ground. (With some physics inherent if the dropship moves around.

    You don't like uplinks. Why?

    Uplinks detract from gameplay. Most especially team gameplay. You cite uplinks, but in fact I'm against any 'drop and forget' equipment. Inclusive of Nanohives. They aren't 'team-based' tactically, and don't inspire teamwork. I would rather 'spawn points' if they are implemented, be a tactical item, or something akin to some other games where the player puts a 'spawn beacon' on their suit that allows a 'Squad Spawn' while they are alive.
    Similarly with Nanohives. A piece of passive equipment that replenishes 1 - 2 % of ammunition every 1- 2 seconds to nearby players would encourage playing as a group, over dropping a hive and farming WP off it.

    I recently saw your newer post of possible equipment ideas. What did you envision with these ideas? For reference here is the forum post https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2138669#post2138669.

    These ideas were designed around the principal that equipment supports tactical teamwork, over being a fire and forget kind of deal.

    Suppressor - Designed to allow area of effect suppression. You can't fir while using it, so while it is possible to make use of it solo, it's much better used with a partner, or team, to cover their advance.

    Kinetic Barrier - Designed to stop incoming bullets. You move slowly while it's in use, but it also shields anyone inside, or even behind the bubble. Great for team pushes on objectives.

    EMP Generator - Pulse an Area of Effect that disables all electronic equipment within the area for a temporary amount of time. This includes radars, cloaks, other equipment, etc.

    The ideas were all based on tactical teams, rather than drop and forget equipment.

    More to come in future updates! I have many more e-mails to comb through in search of answers! Always feel free to grab me on Skype, or via in-game or external E-Mail.

    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #14 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:12
    Cross Atu wrote:
    The Black Jackal wrote:
    Why does anyone want to be a member of the CPM? For glory? There is no glory in being a CPM member, only headaches, schedules, lack of play time, and dealing with the rage of players whom accuse you of doing nothing.

    I have talked intensely with current members of the CPM, and heard their trials, their angst, and experienced their headaches. Yet here I stand, throwing my hat into the ring.

    Why? When I know exactly how much of a pain it will be? Because I believe I can make a difference and help bring the people's ideas to CCP, and act on behalf of the people, to make DUST 514 the game it SHOULD, and COULD be.

    If anyone knows my prior posting history, it is one of several key ideas, and each, in my opinion and the opinions of many others, a central ideal that DUST 514 is working toward.

    Knowing what we're getting into, and what our efforts could accomplish, are in my estimation key factors in creating a successful term in council.

    Being willing to not only put forth your own ideas (which are good to have) but bring those of the community to CCP is also of vital importance.

    I hope I don't over state the issue when I say this - but i think that one of your most important recommendations to hold a seat on the CPM is not contained in your post. That being a willingness to work with others in a respectful and constructive manner even when stances on a specific subject may differ. Over the many months of forum posts starting as far back as closed beta, and through conversations happening on Skype as recently as today you have shown your ability and willingness to maintain constructive conversation, even with a late comer such as myself (and even despite the times we've been on differing sides of certain issues during these proceeding months). I can say without reservation that I believe the electoral process is better with you in it than it would be without.


    Darth Jackal

    The Southern Legion
    #15 Posted: 2014.06.13 05:13  |  Edited by: The Black Jackal
    Llast 326 wrote:
    The term Community is an important part of the CPM position, indeed every candidate uses the term at some point. However it is an abstract concept, so what I would like is to hear your definition of community. No right or wrong answers here, just looking to get a better feel of where you are coming from.

    The community is heart and soul of any game. It's formed of the players, both those who actively participate in the game, and development, as well as those who don't, and in all honesty, those who hang around and criticise it are also part of the community, because they are here.

    Probably not doing a lot to solidify the abstract concept, but that's why it's so abstract. My friends and colleagues in DUST are part of the community, my enemies, both in game and political, are still parts of our community. And even those who hate my guts deserve to be members of our community.

    Community even extends to those no longer playing. They were a member of the community, and even if they never come back, they are still a part of the greater community. Much like the black sheep of a family. Just because they aren't around anymore, doesn't mean they stop being family.

    Adipem Nothi wrote:
    The Black Jackal wrote:

    I'd like to point out that I am primarily a vehicle runner.
    Just as a note.
    I play DS, ADS, HAVs, and LAVs as my primary skill spec.

    o7 Black
    What are your thoughts on the current state of Vehicle / AV balance?

    NotTheCloneYouAre LookingFor wrote:
    How would you correct any perceived vehicle imbalance?

    These questions tie into eachother so much, I will answer these in one post.

    The current state of Vehicle / Av balance is a source of hot debate. On the forums, and as a candidate for CPM1 in our CPM1 Channels where we spitball ideas, and porpose numbers to collectively come at an issue.

    I am personaly of a belief that as a Stand-alone entity, HAVs are fine as they are (with notable exceptions for Blaster Tank AI capabilities). They balance well against eachother, but do present themselves as 'better slayers'. Which is understandable. They are more heavily defended, and have enough firepower to obliterate anything on the field.

    It is my belief that most of the HAVs imbalance comes from the Map Design elements. HAVs can dominate up to, and over, 80% of the field since it is mostly open plains. And where there is a facility, there are wide roads and paths that allow a HAV to pass through, and / or shoot down and obliterate infantry.

    My solution, which unfortunetly wont be seen in DUST likely, is to build the maps around Vehicle Balance. The principal being a 3-tier system that grades threat levels in an are.

    First Tier: Infantry Only.
    These areas are covered, with plenty of cover. HAVs can't get in here (and there is ample cover enough to avoid being hit by HAV fire), Dropships can't attack from above, and the only real threat you have to deal with is other infantry.

    Second Tier: Single Vehicle Class.
    These areas are exposed to a singular vehicle class. Rooftops that are open, can be deemed high enough to get above HAV lines of fire, but still vulnerable from aerial attacks and infantry. While a ground-level covered walkway would be vulnerable to HAV fire, but not Dropship fire.

    Third Tier: All-in.
    Pretty much what we have now. Open plains, or other open fields of fire for all Vehicles and Infantry. In these areas Vehicles would be dominant.

    All over, this idea likely wont be implemented in DUST as it would require new map and socket designs to eliminate the great about of 'Third Tier Terrain' we have now.

    Maps should be designed with the areas, (mostly centered around points and controls) that define 'optimal combat' effectiveness. Roughly a 1/3 split between the 3 tiers. So, 34% of the map is First tier, and 33% is Second Tier, and 33% is Third Tier.

    Onto what we could do NOW, with DUST and numerical server side changes. Alpha hotfix is already addressing a possible solution to the Large Blaster Turrets Anti-Infantry Capabilities, but further beyond that. An AV boost is in order.
    When slated only to numerical changes, I would propose;

    - Increasing the overall Damage of Anti-Vehicle Weaponry (only a slight tweak for the forge).

    - Make Swarms apply their alpha in 'One hit' compared to the 4 separate hits that can be pushed below the 'damage threashold'.

    - Make the Assault variant of the Swarm a 'dumbfire' variant that can fire single missiles in rapid succession (similar to the Large Missile Turret in execution) with a clip of 3 and a refire time of around 1 second, with slightly reduced damage. Allowing both some concession to Anti-Infantry ability, but without the old 'shotgun swarms' we had back in Replication Build.

    These are just some ideas to that should be able to be implemented Server-side in hotfixes.

    Darth Jackal

    Ancient Exiles.
    #16 Posted: 2014.06.13 15:59
    I swear if there is not one TL:DR somewhere in here, I will beat CCP Lockingbro hard tonight for absolutely no reason.

    "I don't always lock threads but when I do, I vigorously masturbat afterwards." - CCP LockingBro

    Random Gunz
    #17 Posted: 2014.06.13 16:23
    Shiyou Hidiyoshi wrote:
    I swear if there is not one TL:DR somewhere in here, I will beat CCP Lockingbro hard tonight for absolutely no reason.

    Jackal is not just a wall of text. He's the wall of text your car slammed into at 80 mph while you were texting. :)

    He writes such good posts.

    CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. soraya@biomassed.net for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

    Eyniletti Rangers
    Minmatar Republic
    #18 Posted: 2014.06.13 20:25
    Shiyou Hidiyoshi wrote:
    I swear if there is not one TL:DR somewhere in here, I will beat CCP Lockingbro hard tonight for absolutely no reason.

    Is CCP Lockingbro what you call your Unit?

    The Stuggle is Real

    The Corporate Raiders PAC Endorses Free Tacos

    Nixon for CPM

    The Struggle is Real

    Namtar Elite
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    #19 Posted: 2014.06.13 21:19
    The struggle is real.
    The Southern Legion
    #20 Posted: 2014.06.14 03:48
    My initial post is my TL:DR.

    The rest is Q and A taken from my original Candidacy Thread. Collated to get rid of the extraneous posts, and show people what I'm all about.

    Darth Jackal

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