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new tool idea to increase scout/assault survivability

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#1 Posted: 2014.05.31 14:45
first off i would like to ask what are corpses good for in dust..Question
the answer is nothing what we need to introduce is a tool i would like to call a cannibus
a cannibus cannibalizes armor, shield energy, and ammunition into charges that can only be used one at a time after a set delay like the one active scanners have.

a cannibus would fall into one of four categories, shield cannibus, armor cannibus, ammo cannibus, and universal cannibus

a cannibus would absorb charges by feeding of corpses with a rep tool like effect.

only one cannibus tool can feed on a corpse

different class dropsuits yield different percentages of a charge based in size

a cannibus tool has the same window for use of corpse as nanite injectors

a cannibus tool would be available only to assault and scouts (except possibly suits with passive/module reps)

charges and percentage/quantity would vary by tier

cannot use cannibus while taking damage

ammo restored by cannibus tool is twice that of shield restored which in turn is twice that of armor restored

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#2 Posted: 2014.05.31 21:38
I don't think you understand what this section is for. Read the sticky

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