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What if terminal would not be on center of map?

#1 Posted: 2014.05.09 04:04  |  Edited by: Sylwester Dziewiecki
Wat all dominance maps have in common is that the terminal is located at the middle of map, between two teams main spawn points(ground bases, or how ever you call it). As I can remember this is the only template that we was testing.
What if the initial spawning area were close or next to each other, and capture point, the terminal would be at the opposite side of the map - in this scenario teams would have to fight for the road that is heading to point rather than for point itself, add to that map that is narrow but long, and localized in urbanized place, like town/city or some industrial fabrics without open fields.

Today at the beginning of the match everyone have the same objective, run to terminal, capture and secure it. In my idea people would have to separate on those who need to capture point and those who need to stay on the road and set traps for opposite team.

It would be cool if their would be several paths leading to the same objective, some underground tunnels, spawns betwen buildings, buildings top, and of course grond as well with bunkiers, and wallsRoll.

What do you think about this?

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