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Border Gulch Random Dropship Death

#1 Posted: 2014.05.01 18:27
I searched and found a few threads relating to this problem however they were locked. So here it goes again. Before I throw a ticket to the support staff I figured I would post this thread in the tech support section. Upon suggestions I Re-created the thread in the Map Discussion section.

Original Thread is here.

Map: Border Gulch

Game mode: Domination

Location: G4

Problem: Random Death?

Fitting: Standard python fit.

I dropped in a Python and began getting some altitude. Started moving towards the objective and that's when I lost all of nearly 4k hp's and the python died. This happened to me once before, after landing and beginning the recall (different circumstances ). The death seems odd as if I hit something. I perhaps derped and hit the MCC however I was not near it enough to chalk it up to derping. I can deal with dumb mistakes but random deaths in something a bit expensive is like salt in the wound.


-I don't always kill Mercs with a sidearm, But when I do I use militia.

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