Ambush Gamemode

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2 SMART DEPLOYS {one on the edge of the map >no more spawn camp

Vherokior Combat Logistics
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2014.04.19 22:01
you think people are that stupid to not noticed you ONLY NERF'D RAIL RIFLES BY 2 % !!!! and tried to make it look like 12 WHEN you CANT COUNT THE OVERALL 10% that ALL the guns recieved!!! that rail is SO OVERPOWERED in EVERY WaY!! and can ONLY be FIXED in CERTAIN Ways. 1st you made it so that -No One BUT another Panzy rail rifle COWARD can get him!!! Because it has -TOO MUCH RANGE -!AT ALL RANGES! AND IS A -HYBRID WTF!!! Given -THE BEST Scope AND NO -RECOIL OR -DISPERSION !!! THATS WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED Every Thing thats in -CAPITAL! just as you already know -rail tank sniping couldnt be dealt with So you made limited ammo for All the turrets instead. NOW you did -the SAME **** with Rail Guns
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