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Line Harvest and it's installation placement

#1 Posted: 2014.04.14 21:18  |  Edited by: Cyrius Li-Moody
Not sure if you guys are aware of this but one of my favorite things to run into on this map is it's redline railgun installation placement. It's simply magnificent. Objective D (located on E-8 here) can be bombarded by the redline railgun a good 300m away (located at C-6 or C-4 here. I can't be bothered to check myself). Meaning they literally can shoot the console you hack.

Generally some highly skilled fellow will sit on this railgun for the entirety of the game just shooting people who try to hack D. This guy will usually kill plenty of people before someone has to destroy it.

I don't know about you guys but a redline rail that is able to shoot into an objective is a pretty silly thing and I certainly hope it's position is altered.

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