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Redline Ambush???

Dem Durrty Boyz
#1 Posted: 2014.04.08 06:54
i think we should all consider this idea. it would fix spawns and create more of a battle line. the only bad thing is teams can get red lined just like skrim or dom...but personally i find it easier to sneak out of the red line and flank. then spawn in a big group of your own team getting surrounded by a tank and infantry from all sides.

MAG did it (R.I.P.)
and it worked great. if the enemy red lined you you could just shoot from your spawn in really good cover and push the enemy team out. then sneaking behind the enemy was possible you just had to go around were no one or few people were..cant imagine what you could do with cloaks. and the Medium and heavy frames could fight on the line...or push foward. Snipers could get to a vantage point back behind the line...or cloak and get behind the enemies line and sneak snipe.

this all sound so much more fun then getting raped in a big orgy


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