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Yet another RDV idea

Nec Tributis
#1 Posted: 2014.03.29 19:20
I would hate to have to tell the RDV Dev but one idea that seem possible is the infamous Star Trek didn't get its shuttle craft in time fix. Beam them straight down on a flare, reticule (that only shows ... green(?) where valid) then all the AI, the navmesh and such are gone. As well as the time consuming calculations of same.

I doubt if they patented it as that was before the US got patent everything crazy. And it would have run out by now.

The socket is good overall, although very frustrating when the domination objective being underground as it is very difficult to overturn. Vehicles are useless once the Reds have an over abundance of uplinks.

My favorite tank is a Lightning. Just sayin.

Nec Tributis
#2 Posted: 2014.03.29 19:22
Sorry this was supposed to be reply to the Gallenti Research Facility feedback thread but it refused to let me reply and I only got the new topic selection. Move the above post if possible, if you would.

My favorite tank is a Lightning. Just sayin.

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