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The spaceship on Ashland?

Brutor Vanguard
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2014.02.15 10:18
Is it me or does that spaceship on the Ashland map resemble a Retriever or Hulk mining barge from Eve Online?
#2 Posted: 2014.02.19 01:04
I always thought it kind of looked like a Russian if Russians had space shuttles
(Are the Americans the only nation with Space shuttles, not just rockets?)
#3 Posted: 2014.03.03 20:01
What spaceship? If you mean the giant tower that's in the middle, it does look a little bit like a Hulk, but it's not an actual ship, just a tower.
Brutor Vanguard
Minmatar Republic
#4 Posted: 2014.03.03 21:09
Pretty sure it's a spaceship on a launch deck. When I'm underneath it (the crows nest) I see the rocket engines right beneath it emitting exhaust. Unless they changed it recently from previous builds then I must be crazy o.O
#5 Posted: 2014.03.06 04:16
Yeh definitely looks like either a Hulk or a Retriever.
I always thought it would be nice if they landed the ship on the planet to disassemble it to make a mining facility.

I cant find the link for it but in New Eden lore theres an agreed treaty that banned all planetary mining colonies across all planets and ships in New Eden are all built in space so I have no idea what its all about!

Maybe its an old relic when they used to build on planets?
Maybe its the ship that you can launch you PI into space with the launch pad.
Who knows, oh wait CCP does!

Final Stats

R.I.P. Dust 514 o7

Penumbra or something
#6 Posted: 2014.05.11 01:25
Could also potentially be a minmatar MCC
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