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What was wrong with orbital artillery 1.0?

Penumbra or something
#1 Posted: 2014.01.27 23:53
I remember back to the original version of the orbital artillery- before that building was removed, and before the ugly fences were added and almost all of the ladders were taken away.

What was really wrong with a little vertical gameplay? I would like to see the return of sniper/forge duels (now with added lasers and rail rifles) and dropships buzzing the buildings.

Either way, you can still throw uplinks on top of the buildings; it's just less fair without ladders.
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#2 Posted: 2014.03.10 22:38  |  Edited by: Joey-Number1
Aye. The best looking map ever, my favorite. It s the closest one to a sci-fi city we have. The mood there is pretty good. Especially when it came to gameplay, the variety of things to do in this map is always plenty, think it was a bit better before.

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